Kewisco Sacco Paybill Number 902 250

BusinessKewisco Sacco Paybill Number 902 250
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Kenya Wildlife Service Sacco (Kewisco) was incorporated in 1992. Kewisco Sacco Paybill Number 902 250. It was formed to provide opportunities for personal growth of members by mobilizing savings, pooling financial resources and providing affordable credit facilities.

Its membership has grown from a mere twenty three (23) in 1992 to over three thousand (3,000) members in 2014 with a share capital of over Ksh.32 million and loan portfolio of over Ksh.600 million.

Payment procedure using Kewisco Sacco Pay bill number 902 250

  •          Select Safaricom
  •         Go to M-PESA
  •         Select Payment Services
  •         Select Pay Bill
  •         Enter Kewisco Sacco Pay bill number 902 250
  •         Enter your membership number followed by slash (/) then prodyctcode Account No e.g. (02332/S2):-
  •         Enter Amount you wish to send
  •         Enter your personal Mpesa PIN
  •         Confirm the information
  •         Send
  •  You will receive a confirmation message from Safaricom that you money has been sent to the Sacco.

 Kewisco Sacco Pay bill number 902 250 codes for account number

  •      Emergency loan                              E1 
  •       School fees loan                             S1 
  •       Development loan1                        D1
  •      Development loan2                         D2
  •       Ess loan                                         E2
  •      Instant loan                                     I1
  •     Default Loan                                   D3
  •      Hire purchase loan                          H1
  •      Supersavers loan                            S2
  •   Deposits                                         K1
  •    Share capital/Housing shares            K2
  •    ESS Savings                                    K3
  •   Holiday savings shares                      K4
  •    Fixed deposit shares                         K5

Kewisco Sacco Loan Products

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  •       Development Loan Option1
  •       Development Lan Option2
  •       Development Loan One Reloaded
  •       Development Loan Two Reloaded
  •       Super Saver Loan
  •       Emergency Loan
  •       School Fees Loan
  •       Education Saving Scheme
  •       Mapokezi Loan
  •    Asset Finance Loan
  •    Masomo Loan
  •    Instant Loan
  •    Angel Loan

Kewisco Sacco Savings Products

  •       Education saving scheme(ESS) Account
  •      Masomo Savings Account
  •       Angel savings Account

Kewisco Sacco Contacts

Kewisco Sacco Society Limited

West End Place Building Off Langata Road

P.O Box 4491-00200 Nairobi

TEL:020-6000671,60006337 , 0724-253569,0739-253569,

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