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KERICHO CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL. The 1200 seater Cathedral is designed to achieve the primary objective of building a Roman Catholic cathedral of lasting quality, beauty and functionality, devoted to serving the present and future needs of the Diocese o f Kericho .
The cathedral provides a distinctive landmark for the locale rooted in the African vernacular of construction and material while creating an intimate and direct physical and visual connection between the congregation and the altar.
The design is centred around the formation of one ascending vaulted volume under one big roof. This enormous room is expressed by its massive concrete arches on to which sits a great inclined roof which will become an unmistakable form in the rolling panorama of Kericho hills and valleys.

Client: Kericho Cathedral
Project Location: Kericho, Kenya
Gross Area:1,2585 sq. Meters
Completion : 2016
Project Partner: Tim Vaulkhard
Project Architect: Cecilia W. Ngila

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