List of Kenyan European people

ListsList of Kenyan European people
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The following is a list of notable Kenyan Europeans, either persons born in or resident in Kenya with ancestry in Europe. The British diaspora consists of people of British ancestry (and their descendants) who emigrated from the United Kingdom. For the purposes of this article, the people of British Overseas Territories are not included as British people though the territories are parts of the sovereign territory of the British state, unless they were born in that part of the British Isles that is currently within the British Realm, and only those who self-reported British ancestry are included in the figures for the British diaspora, which in colonies such as Bermuda – where very few of the Bermudians amongst the 63,779 inhabitants lack ancestry from the British Isles – likely results in substantial inaccuracies. This is a subject complicated by the recent history of the treatment of the people of colour, especially, of the British Overseas Territories by the British Government. The largest proportional concentrations of people of self-identified British descent in the world outside of the United Kingdom and its Overseas Territories occur in New Zealand (59%), Australia (45%), Canada (30.6%), the United States (11%), South Africa (2.6%) and parts of the Caribbean. Those who do claim British ancestry form a sub-set of those who could claim British ancestry; the British diaspora includes about 200 million people worldwide.

Additionally, countries with over 100,000 British expatriates include the Republic of IrelandSpainFranceGermany, and the United Arab Emirates

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