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International House Limited is a reputable property management company that owns and manages its own portfolio of property. The company believes in giving all its tenants the best services possible by maintaining high standards particularly of cleanliness and security.

The company was established in 1985 when International House Limited purchased International House from the Queensway Development Corporation (a Canadian Company) that had built International House.

With time the Company has expanded its portfolio to include some residential property, Shanzu Gardens in Kyuna, Avocado Villas just off Brookside Grove and Riverside Court on Riverside Drive.

In furtherance to ownership, the Company inherited and has promoted a culture of top quality service provision in all the property that it owns. The Company has its own in house management team that comprises of administration, property management and maintenance, security, finance, and human resources. These ensure that the Company maintains its vision of offering tenants the highest standards of service in Nairobi.

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