How to Apply for Permanent Registration as a Dental Practitioner in Kenya

What’s the difference between a dentist and a dental practitioner? Dental practitioner is a wider term. All dentists are dental practitioners, but not all dental practitioners are dentists. The term ‘dental practitioner’ covers other fields, such as orthodontics. How to Apply for Permanent Registration as a Dental Practitioner in Kenya

They diagnose and treat diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth, and help take care of our dental health. Dental practitioners include dental hygienists, therapists and prosthetists and oral health therapists.

Here is How to Apply for Permanent Registration as a Dental Practitioner in Kenya

  1. An application for Permanent Registration as a Dental Practitioner shall be made to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council’s (KMPDC) offices. Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council’s (KMPDC) Office Location & Contact Details
  2. Those eligible should collect and complete the following application forms; Application for Permanent Registration as a Medical or Dental Practitioner- Form II and Internship Completion Certificate Form-Dental, available at the KMPDC offices or download them via the KMPDC website KMPDC Downloads, (scroll down the page and then click on the “Other Form” option to locate the forms) or directly download them using these Application for Permanent Registration as a Medical Or Dental Practitioner and Internship Completion Certificate Form-Dental
  3. Submit the supporting documentation as mentioned under the “Required Documents” section of this page, in addition to the duly completed application forms, in all respect, to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council’s (KMPDC) Office. Any omission of the required information or documents will render the application process incomplete.
  4. The application shall also be accompanied by proof of payment of an application fee of Ksh. 8,000. All payments should be made at any KCB Branch countrywide to Board’s account No. 1103158643, Milimani Branch, in favor of the KMPDC.
  5. Upon receipt of the application, the receiving officers will check for discrepancies or ineligibility in the application documents. If a discrepancy that cannot be immediately corrected exists in any of the documents, the application and all the submitted documents will be returned to the applicant and should not be re-submitted until the discrepancy has been rectified.
  6. If the receiving officer is satisfied that all the requirements have been met for the application, it is registered for consideration and the applicant is issued with an acknowledgment slip as proof of submission of the application and for inquiry referencing if the need arises.
  7. The KMPDC office may request additional information relevant to the application. In such a case, the information must be submitted within the stipulated time from the date of notification. Where the applicant fails to submit the required information, the application shall be rejected.
  8. After the document evaluation phase has been completed satisfactorily, which is usually completed within fourteen (14) working days, the KMPDC office shall prepare the Dental Practitioners’ Registration Certificate that shall be valid indefinite, which indicates the approval scope and limitations.
  9. While collecting the registration certificate, the applicant will be required to produce a proof of identity document and acknowledgment receipt to be validated at the KMPDC dispatch office.

Required Documents

  • Duly completed Application for Permanent Registration as a Medical Or Dental Practitioner
  • Copy of ID/Passport.
  • Coloured passport size photo.
  • Certified copies of professional & academic certificates
  • Evidence of passing Board’s pre-registration or Internship Qualifying Examination (foreign-trained).
  • Duly filled, stamped, and signed Internship completion Assessment Forms.
  • Evidence of registration from EAC Partner States Board and councils (for those applying for reciprocal registration).
  • Proof of payment of the Registration Fee Kshs.8,000.00.
  • Any other documents may be deemed necessary or as may be prescribed by the KMPDC office.

NOTE: Original Copy of degree or Diploma Certificate must be sighted before Application of Permanent registration.

Office Locations & Contacts

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council – Head Office
Woodlands Rd, Hurlingham,
P.O. Box 44893 – 00100,
Tel: +254-727666444 | +254-111052222
Website: Link


A person who:_

  • Be an East African National
  • Is a holder of a degree or other qualification obtained from a university in Kenya or the East African community which is recognized by the council as making him eligible for registration.
  • Has passed the internship qualifying examinations.
  • Presents proof of completion of the internship.
  • Has passed pre-registration examination.
  • Satisfies the council that he is a person of good moral standing, may apply to the council for full registration as a dental practitioner.


  • Registration Fee Kshs.8,000.00.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council’s (KMPDC)
Bank Account Details Board account at any KCB Branch countrywide, Board’s
Account No. 1103158643, Milimani Branch.
Swift Code: KCBLKKENX,
BANK CODE: 01175.

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