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How to Use Google Bard (Duet) in Gmail

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This article explains how to use Google Duet in Gmail, including creating new emails and using Bard to respond to an email. While you can’t use Google Bard in Gmail, Duet is an advanced Google AI that does work directly in Gmail and Workspace apps like Docs.

How Does Google Bard (Duet) Work in Gmail?

Google Bard is a standalone artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot similar to large language model systems like ChatGPT and the Bing Chatbot, so you can’t use it directly in Gmail. It is capable of outputting generated text to Gmail, but Google uses their Duet AI to provide writing assistance in Gmail and Workspace apps. In Gmail, Duet can draft new emails, reply to emails, proofread an email you wrote yourself, and perform various other functions based on the prompts you enter.

If you don’t see the Help Me Write prompt in Gmail, you cannot access the feature yet.

Here’s how to use Google Duet in Gmail:

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  1. Open Gmail and click Compose to start a new email.
  2. Click the Help Me Write button (pencil icon).
  3. Type a prompt describing what Duet wants to write, and click Create.
  4. Wait while Duet composes the email.
  5. Click Recreate if you want Duet to start over from scratch, or Refine for options that will adjust the current email.
  6. Click Formalize to rewrite using more formal language, Elaborate to go into more depth, Shorten to summarize the email in fewer words, or I’m Feeling Lucky for a randomized rewrite.
  7. When you’re happy with the results, click Insert.
  8. Highlight any placeholder text, and replace it with the correct details.
  9. To rewrite a section of the email, highlight the section and click the Help Me Write button.
  10. Click FormalizeElaborateShorten, or I’m Feeling Lucky to rewrite the highlighted section.
  11. The highlight will no longer be visible at this point.
  12. When you’re happy with the result, click Insert.
  13. You will now have both the original email and the adjusted one. In this example, only the third paragraph was rewritten. Select and delete the original version if you’re happy with the results.
  14. Make any necessary changes or adjustments, address the email, and send it.

How to Use Duet to Reply in Gmail

In addition to drafting new emails, Duet can simplify the process of writing replies. You can have it write a framework for you to fill out with the necessary details or information quickly, have it write an entire reply, or write a specific part of the email.

Here’s how to use Duet to reply in Gmail:

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  1. Open an email in Gmail, and click Reply.
  2. Click the Help Me Write button (pencil icon).
  3. Enter a prompt that describes the reply you want Bard to write, and then click Create.
  4. If you’re satisfied with the email, you can click Insert.
  5. Replace any placeholder text with the correct details, and send the reply.

What Can Google Duet Do in Gmail?

Google Duet acts as a writing assistant in Gmail, where it can help you write and reply to emails. It works the same in Gmail as on the Duet website, and the implementation is similar to how you use Duet in Google Docs.

This feature adds a Help Me Write button below the formatting options, accessible when writing new emails and replying. Clicking the Help Me Write button creates a prompt entry field where you can tell Duet precisely what you want it to write. You can have it write a thank you or condolences letter, draft a letter to customer service about a product you’re having trouble with, or just about any other kind of letter that you might need to write.

While Google Duet has no context to generate replies, you can provide the context when you craft your prompt. For example, if you’re replying to an invitation, you could ask Bard to write a reply to politely turn down an invitation and give a specific or general excuse.

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In general, Google Duet is better as a writing assistant than as a writer in its own right. The feature includes several options for rewriting or adjusting the content it generates. However, you’ll typically still need to replace the placeholder text and make other adjustments to any emails it writes.

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