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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data From Android to iOS

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data From Android to iOS. Figuring out how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone would be the first thing that popped into your head.

Fortunately, there is an official way to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Besides, we rounded up another five different methods to transfer WhatsApp to your new iPhone. Read on to find the one that suits your needs.

Things to keep in mind before transferring chat history

  • Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or above, or Android 5 or above installed on your Android device
  • iOS 15.5 or above installed on your iPhone
  • Move to iOS app installed on your Android phone
  • WhatsApp iOS version or above on your new device
  • WhatsApp Android version or above on your old device
  • Use the same phone number as your old phone on your new device
  • Your iPhone must be factory new or reset to factory settings to pair with the Move to iOS app and move data from your Android phone
  • Both of your devices must be connected to a power source
  • Both of your devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or you’ll need to connect your Android device to your iPhone’s hotspot

How to migrate from Android to iPhone

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts after opening the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.
  2. Enter the code displayed on your iPhone on your Android phone.
  3. Tap Continue and follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Select WhatsApp on the Transfer Data screen
  5. Tap Start on your Android phone, and wait for WhatsApp to prepare the data for export. You’ll be signed out from your Android phone once the data is prepared.
  6. Tap Next to return to the Move to iOS app.
  7. Tap Continue to transfer the data from your Android phone to your iPhone and wait for Move to iOS to confirm the transfer is complete.
  8. Install the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store.
  9. Open WhatsApp and log in using the same phone number used on your old device.
  10. Tap Start when prompted, and allow the process to complete.

You will see your chats on the new device after you complete its activation. Notably, the transferred data will not be uploaded to iCloud until you create a backup. The data will remain on your Android device until you uninstall WhatsApp or wipe your smartphone.

Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone 14 Directly [Best Choice]

Migrating WhatsApp from Android to iPhone seems complicated. Thankfully, you can always count on MobileTrans.

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As one of the best programs to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, MobileTrans makes the transfer process quite simple for non-tech-savvy people, and you don’t even need to back up WhatsApp first. Furthermore, it can do more than just WhatsApp transfer. Find out the key features below:

Let’s find out how to transfer WhatsApp messages to the new iPhone 12/13/14:

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  • Step 1: Connect your old Samsung device and iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Step 2: Install and launch the MobileTrans on your Windows or Mac, and choose “WhatsApp Transfer” from the provided options to proceed.
  • Step 3: The application will automatically detect both the connected devices and would mark them as either source or destination. If their placement is wrong, click on the “Flip” button.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Start” button to begin the WhatsApp transfer process. If you have been using WhatsApp on your iPhone, you can choose to keep the existing data or not first.
  • Step 5: All you need to do now is wait for the process completes, just a few minutes. And do not disconnect your phones until the process is completed.

Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS App

Apple has recently provided its users the direct option of transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. However, achieving this feat through the Move to iOS App, there are specific limitations related to this process:

  • Install Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or Android 5 or above on your Android device, while their iOS device should have iOS 15.5 or any later versions.
  • Install WhatsApp iOS version or above on your iPhone and WhatsApp Android version on your Android phone.
  • Use the same phone number on your old phone and new phone.
  • Connect both devices to the same WiFi and connect both devices to a power source.
  • Your iPhone should be a new one or factory reset.

Now, Download the Move to iOS app from the Play Store on your Android, reset your iPhone, and set it up from scratch to move the WhatsApp data to your iPhone. Follow the steps to transfer your WhatsApp data through the Move to iOS app: (If you have already factory reset your iPhone, you can turn to the next part)

Reset your iPhone to Factory Settings

Starting with the process, you first need to reset your iPhone and remove all data across it for transferring WhatsApp messages through this technique. Then, back up the data of your iPhone across your iCloud and follow the steps as defined below:

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Step 1: Reach out to the “Settings” of your iPhone and lead to the “General” settings. Click on the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option on the next screen.

Step 2: Locate the “Erase All Content and Settings” option on the next screen to lead to the “Erase This iPhone” screen. Click on “Continue” to proceed.

Step 3: Enter your device’s passcode and click on the “Erase Now” option to confirm the process of resetting your iPhone to factory settings. You can also wait for the backup to be uploaded to iCloud.

Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

Once you have successfully reset your iPhone, it is time to set the device up and transfer the WhatsApp data during the process. Follow the steps explained below:

Step 1: Start the setup process of your iPhone according to the on-screen instructions. Log into your device with the Apple ID and navigate to the “Apps & Data” screen in the setup process.

Step 2: Select the option of “Move Data from Android” across this screen to initiate the process. On the next screen, click on the “Continue” button to attain a single-use code that would be required to enter across the Move to iOS app.

Step 3: Launch the Move to iOS app on your Android and tap on the “Continue” button to agree to the application’s terms and conditions. On the next screen, click the “Continue” button and add the code retrieved from the iPhone. This sets up a wireless connection of the Android with the iPhone.

Step 4: After establishing a successful connection, lead to the “Transfer Data” option across the application. Select the “WhatsApp” option in the list. As the option is check-marked, click on “Continue” to proceed.

Step 5: The user will be directed to the WhatsApp screen showing the “Move chats to iOS” option. Tap on “Start” to initiate and click on “Next” when the platform is prepared for the file transfer. The data of your WhatsApp will automatically start to be transferred to your iPhone.

Set Up WhatsApp on iPhone

As the data is successfully transferred across your iPhone through the Move to iOS app, it is time to set the messenger across your iPhone. Follow the steps as explained below:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone through the App Store if it is not installed on your device. Open the messenger and find the “Move Chats from Android” option on the screen. Click on “Start” to initiate.

Step 2: As the device requires certain permissions, click on “Start” and give WhatsApp the necessary permissions to function properly. This would automatically lead to all WhatsApp chats being imported from the Android to the iPhone.

Step 3: As the transfer concludes, you will be redirected to set up your profile name and picture. As you complete this, click “Done” and successfully set up WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Method 5: Migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 14 via Email Chat

While you can’t directly transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone by taking its backup, there is something else that you can do. You can also transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone for free. WhatsApp lets us email dedicated conversations to any contact. In this way, you can email some selected chats to yourself and maintain their backup.

Although this will not let you restore the same chats to WhatsApp, you can access them on your new iPhone. Here’s how you can transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone with this essential feature.

Steps to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone 14 via Email chat:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and open any conversation you wish to save.
  2. Tap on the More option (the three-dot or hamburger icon) on the top and choose Email Conversation.
  3. Select to include or exclude the attached media files. Mostly, it is recommended to exclude it since email servers have 20 MB as their mail limit.
  4. This will open the native Gmail compose interface with a text file attached having your WhatsApp chats. Enter your email id or save it as draft.
  5. Later, you can access the same email account on your iPhone 14 and download your chats to check.

Method 6: Transfer WhatsApp Chats to New iPhone with a New Phone Number

If you are changing your phone number while switching, then WhatsApp has covered you. Many people fear that they will no longer be able to access their backup by changing their number. Needless to say, to restore our previous WhatsApp backup, we need to enter the same phone number. Therefore, you can do this simple trick to transfer your WhatsApp data while switching numbers.

Steps to transfer WhatsApp chats via changing account feature:

  1. Firstly, change the SIM card on your Android and connect your new SIM. Make sure that both numbers are active as of now.
  2. Now, launch WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Change Number. Tap on the “Next” button.
  3. Enter your existing and new phone numbers and continue.
  4. You will receive a unique code and verify it.

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