How to Make a free online table without coding

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Create mobile-friendly, interactive tables in minutes with Flourish, the platform for data visualization and storytelling

Tables are an efficient and straightforward format for comparing and analyzing data. Typically organized in rows and columns, tables allow for a detailed and systematic presentation of raw data and are great for providing precise values or information.

Our free Table template takes table creation to the next level – it allows viewers to not only search and filter, but also delve into mini visualizations such as bar and line charts!

Table graphs usually consist of multiple rows and columns – the rows represent data entries or categories, while the columns indicate the type of data displayed in each cell. In Flourish, each column can be sorted by, and you also have the option to add a search bar – a particularly useful functionality when working with large datasets.

Flourish tables offer incredible versatility. Not only can you format individual cells and add mini bar and line charts, but you can also incorporate custom HTML and CSS to format your text or add images, symbols and even emojis! This allows for a visually enriched table experience.

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Using a table versus any other data visualization depends on the nature of your data and the insights you want to convey. In general, tables are suitable for presenting precise values or specific data points in a structured format. If the focus is on the exact numerical values and the ability to reference specific data points accurately, tables usually offer most clarity and precision. Meanwhile, other chart types excel in visualizing comparisons, trends, and relationships.

Discover five scenarios where utilizing an interactive table makes more sense than a traditional visualization in our blog post.

Create your own table

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