How to Apply for a Visa on Hayya Platform

WorldQatarHow to Apply for a Visa on Hayya Platform
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How to Apply for a Visa on Hayya Platform. A user can apply for different kinds of visas in the State of Qatar on the Hayya platform, including the Tourist Visa (A1), GCC Resident Visa (A2), Visa with ETA (A3), Visa for Companions of GCC Citizens (A4), and Hayya with me (C).


  • Click on “Start the Hayya Journey” on the homepage of Hayya platform
  • Click on “Flying to Qatar”.
  • Select the country of nationality, tick the yes or no option for the question inquiring about whether you are a GCC resident, and then proceed with the rest of the questions so that the system can display the recommended visa option you need to apply for.
  • Login/sign in to Hayya platform, and in case users do not have an account, they should create a new account to sign up/register.
  • Upload the documents listed for your visa. 
  • Submit your application and pay the appropriate fees.


Service fees are variable.

Additional Information

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