Hon Kennedy Nyongesah Sande

Hon Kennedy Nyongesah Sande (born John Kennedy Sande Nyongesa .; September 21, 1988), is an Kenyan Politician blogger,You-tuber, Pan Africanist,columnist Political Activist ,informer & businessman who has interest in politics, governance,corporate fraud and human rights.

Early life

Sande Kennedy was born in Nairobi. He was raised in Vihiga District now Vihiga County and Western Kenya, and later attended Ibubi Primary School, in Bunyore, Sande graduated in 2007, only in high school education since he did not have fees he hoped from one school to another he began his secondary education at St Mary’s Kibabii Boys High School where he was chased due to lack of fees , He completed secondary education at Essong’olo Secondary School.

Blogging Influence

Sande’s social media footprint is not so huge, by average African standards. He is not a journalist and at times publishes irresponsible articles without due diligence. He currently runs a blog under his name as Nyongesa which was hacked in 2018 but he managed to get it back online according to his tweet. He is rhe founder of Nyongesa Sande and Blog site nammed after himself Nyongesa Sande


Sande’s activism career has been marred by controversy. His outspokenness on social media Particularly Facebook and Twitter has had him branded a ‘tribalist’; and listed on wanted List by National Cohesion and Integration Commission of which he was number 42 according to Tuko. His twitter handle was reported for hate speech and was suspended by Twitter.

Political career

Sande Kennedy first joined politics in the 2007 Kenyan parliamentary election as a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).