Nyala and Samia people came from Sudan (North)

Nyala and Samia people came from Sudan (North) alongside the Luo people. Before the Bantu assimilation, the Nyala (from Nyala in Sudan) and the Samia (Azande and Belanda Bviri) were known wrestlers and worriers who fought alongside the Luo. To-date the Nyala people live north of the Luo people in Sudan as the Azande and Belanda live to the West and amongst the Luo of Central Africa Republic and South Sudan.

The Luo invasion of East Africa brought about the difference in the Bahima and Bakunta languages (these were the people who occupied Uganda, Western Kenya, Northern Tanzania, Rwanda-Urundi and Eastern DRC…).

The three came into Kenya from Uganda to fight off the Kalenjin and Maasai invasion of the Western part of Kenya.

The Southern part was totally anihilated during the Sosao and Mogor wars as Kisumu, Kakamega, Vihiga, Nyangori and Bungoma were invaded too by Kipsigis and Nandi! Five princes were called in from Uganda including

  1. Wanga who fought and founded the Wanga Kingdom,
  2. Sakwa his youngest brother soon split from him to form the Sakwa Kawango/Kawanga,
  3. Orono was assimilated among the Kalenjins,
  4. Omoi gave rise to Wemoi clan of the Tachoni. He and a worrier called Otieno Opien fought the Kalenjins and those who left behind were made his slaves.
  5. Akuba founded the Valukhoba clan of the Tiriki. The battle was led by a hero called Lwanda Magere a Girango from the Abalondo/Sidho clan of Kano Subtribe. They conquered Kalenjin worriers and assimilated the remnants.
  6. Goya or Mugoya gave rise to Ugenya people who fought fiercely to uproot the Kalenjin influence in Kakamega.
  7. Tende took over lands from Kisumu, Homabay, Migori, Kisii and Nyamira. One of the best worriors was called Gor Ruma who led the Mogor battle.

The invasion of the six princes created the need to have Rwotodoms extend to Kenya. This led to the scattering of the worriors clans of the Abanyala and the Abasamia among the Luhya people. The impact was as follows.

The formation of Tachoni, Banyala (Busia, Kabras, Abamumbo, Abasuba, Abandombi..etc), Abatende, AbaTirichi, Abanyole…this led to the difference in Language among the Luhya subtribes.

The formation of the Luo after the Totally assimilated Owiny-Luo by Luhya followed the Alur and Padhola to form the Kenya and Tanzania Luo.

Amalgamation of Girango and Abakunta to form Suba, Kuria and Gusi communities.

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