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    Nyongesa Sande

    Who are the Financiers of Rebels in Ethiopia and why are the accusing fingers still pointing at Egypt?
    —Economic benefits of the war for financiers of Rebels .
    Lets Go Back To History
    By: Uko-obong Efiok
    Sat,Nov 6, 2021
    Historically Egypt and Ethiopia are’nt really good friends though there maybe some official diplomatic gesture over some years.
    Putting aside 1874-1876 Ethiopia – Egypt war in the modern African history of wish Ethiopia defeated Egypt squarely there is no other deep war recorded between Egypt and Ethiopia though there maybe diplomatic crisis and disagreements.
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    The most recent crisis between EGYPT and ETHIOPIA is in early 2018, when Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed embarked on strategical and radical construction of Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Damn ( GERD) which is said to have a capacity of supplying 5 East African countries electric power.
    Egyptian Government has from the inception of the mega project expressed its dispute and called for negotiation arguing that It’s constructed on the River Nile source that serves 7 other African countries,as such Egypt in the struggle to force Ethiopian government led by its Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed into negotiation table had canvassed other countries into its side of protest. Sudan and most recently South Sudan and other international bodies have joined the side of Egypt in protest against GERD.
    The construction of the Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Damn continued even to the bitterness of then President of United States of America, Mr Donald John Trump and his Western allies . Donald Trump as the then President of United States didn’t pretend his position , in 2020 he openly instigated Egyptian Government against Ethiopia , in a video call to President Fatthah al-sisi of Egypt he ( Donald Trump) advised al-sisi to ensure Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance (GERD) is bombed and shell to it foundation.
    At the amateur stage of Ethiopia- Tigray crisis which didn’t grow into a full blown war, the deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr Makonnen had visited President Paul Kagame , Museveni, Kenyatta and other East African Leaders who frowned over the ugly crisis and without taking side has coordinated strong efforts to stop what President Yoweri Museveni on November 2020 described as a bad image for Africa while emphazing on the fact that Ethiopia is the only African Country that has never been colonized and shouldn’t be allowed to be conquered or split under the disguise of war.
    ” Hammering on the salient point that, we can’t continue to split Africa into tiny parcels to our detriment and weakness and to the Strength of those whose mission is to dominate us forever.”
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    Going back to history;
    The Ethiopian–Egyptian War was a war between the Ethiopian Empire and the Khedivate of Egypt, a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, from 1874 to 1876. It remains the only war between Egypt and Ethiopia in modern times. The conflict resulted in an unequivocal Ethiopian victory that guaranteed Ethiopia’s continued independence in the years immediately preceding the Scramble for Africa. Conversely, for Egypt the war was a costly failure, severely blunting the regional aspirations of Egypt as an African empire, and laying the foundations for the beginning of the United Kingdom’s ‘veiled protectorate’ over Egypt less than a decade later.
    Accussing Fingers;
    In early January, Ethiopian government accused the Egyptian government stepping up its long-standing policy of destabilizing and weakening Ethiopia by “providing full support to anti-peace elements” and pitting neighbors against it, according to a top Ethiopian diplomat as was reported by Africanews.com.
    The official, who holds a high position in the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry and asked for anonymity, told Anadolu Agency that “Egypt has intensified its destabilization efforts against Ethiopia and the volatile Horn of Africa region.”
    Ethiopia’s administration led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who took office in 2018, has faced multiple domestic and external security challenges.
    What will be the benefits after the war if by peradventure it’s true that Egyptian government are the underground financiers of Rebellion in Ethiopia?
    Economic benefits of this war for the accused financiers
    “The Trigray-Ethiopia war will benefit Egypt in 2 direct ways. There’ll will be stop of action in Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Damn(GERD) construction and filling , aslo couple with international pressure, this may force the Ethiopian government to return to the table for a negotiation with a diplomatic mindset, which they have stubbornly refused ” the comment said have been made by an Egyptian diplomat.
    For there to be peace in Ethiopia, this [Abiy Ahmed] regime must be removed and an inclusive transitional government must be put in place,” an Oromo group allied with Tigrayan fighters told Daily News Egypt early Friday.
    Imagine that?
    His statements came as US special envoy Jeffrey Feltman was in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Friday meeting with several senior lawmakers in a bid to reach an immediate ceasefire.
    Africa will soon realise the contributions of PM Abiy Ahmed to Peace and Self-reliance in East Africa, unfortunately when foreign powers succeeds in using Trigray conflict to manipulate him out of power. Africans of goodwill should pray that what happened to Col Mauamar Gaddafi shouldn’t happen to Abiy Ahmed because as at this moment he is fighting a lone battle. Africa unite !
    – Uko-obong Efiok is an African Blogger, Publicist and a Researcher. He can be reached for feedback on +2348052526286( WhatsApp)or email: efiokukobonguoe@gmail.com.
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