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List of The Best PS5 SSDs

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In This article we look at a List of The Best PS5 SSDs. Not every SSD is compatible with the PS5, and any storage options you choose to have a specific list of traits to work inside the Sony console. This can be confusing if you’re new to SSDs and have never had to buy one or install one yourself.

The best PS5 SSDs might be on the verge of getting bigger than ever. In the latest PS5 System Software beta, support for up to 8TB of M.2 storage has been added. I’m not entirely sure who needs quite that much space in their PS5 since a drive that big would probably fit the entire PS Plus library on it. Either way, having extra space is honestly game-changing, even if it’s 1TB as opposed to 8TB. Out of the box, a PS5 will only really have ~650GB of room to play with after you account for firmware and general bloat, and today’s games aren’t exactly small.

The best PS5 SSDs on the list below will fit into the internal M.2 port you can access by taking off one of the console’s face plates. The really good news is that some of the drives we recommend below won’t just give you extra storage space, but they’ll even outpace the speedy internal storage of the PS5. This means you could get quicker load times than you’re used to – especially in last-gen games. Many of our PS5 SSD picks can be found on our best SSDs for gaming list since most of the drives below are also used in the best gaming PCs.

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One important thing to keep in mind is that if you get an internal PS5 SSD, you’ll need to pair it with one of the best PS5 heatsinks. Modern SSDs are extremely fast, but they build up a lot of heat when working hard. If you don’t back one up with a heatsink, it can cause damage to the drive. Luckily, a lot of SSDs are designed with PlayStation users in mind, and have integrated heatsinks build onto their designs.

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SSDs, on the whole, are actually really affordable at the moment, so it’s a good time to shop around. You can extend your PS5 storage internally or externally, with one of the best PS5 external hard drives. Although, keep in mind that you won’t be able to play PS5 games on an external drive. You can now store PS5 games on an external SSD though, you’ll just need to transfer them over to an internal drive to actually play them.

How do I install an SSD into a PS5?

Installing an NVMe SSD into a PS5 is easy enough for just about anyone to accomplish…as long as you know your way around under your console’s hood.

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What SSDs are compatible with a PS5?

While many SSDs are compatible with the PS5, some form factors are not. To upgrade your console’s storage, you’ll want to look for an M.2 NVMe SSD rather than a SATA alternative. All drives featured in this roundup are compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Do I need a heat sink with a PS5 SSD?

No, you do not technically need a heat sink with your SSD. A test run by Tom’s Hardware found that removing the SSD cover, even without a heat sink in place, was enough heat dissipation to maintain comfortable temperatures while in use. However, a heat sink will certainly aid in keeping your SSD cool, calm, and collected during long or resource-hungry gaming sessions.

How many SSD slots does the PS5 have?

The PS5 offers one SSD expansion slot with support for up to 4TB of storage.

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Can an external SSD play PS5 games?

While it may surprise you, the answer is no, you cannot run PS5 games directly from an external SSD. You can store as many games on the external drive as it allows, but when you want to play them, you’ll have to copy them to the PS5’s internal storage first. Once the game files are copied, you can run the game.

Here is a List of The Best PS5 SSDs

Best External PS5 SSD: WD_Black P50 Game Drive

✓ Very fast read and write speeds✗ A little expensive
✓ Compact size
✓ 5-year warranty

Best Fast PS5 SSD: Seagate FireCuda 530

Seagate’s FireCuda 530 is a legend of the storage market right now. Its heatsink model designed for PS5 is the best all-rounder you can get.  

✓ Fast read and write performance✗ Higher capacities can get pricey
✓ 5-year warranty and 3-year data recovery service
✓ Runs cool

Best 4TB PS5 SSD: PNY CS3040

✓ Consistent performance✗ Not the fastest SSD out there
✓ 5-year warranty
✓ Runs cool

Best Budget PS5 SSD: Corsair MP600 PRO LPX

✓ 1TB Model is under $200✗ 2TB and 4TB models are expensive
✓ Heatspreader ensures SSD doesn’t overheat
✓ Built specifically for PS5 requirements

Best PS5 SSD Overall: WD_BLACK SN850X

✓ Fast read and write speeds✗ A bit bulky
✓ Solid price
✓ Optional heat sink

The best Western Digital – PS5 SSD WD Black SN850X

WD Black is a staple of the gaming storage market, and its SN850X is the best choice out of its Gen 4 SSD product line thanks to its excellent price-to-performance.

The best PS5 SSD from KingstonKingston Fury Renegade

There are, all told, newer and faster drives on this list, but Kingston’s Fury Renegade is the fastest PS5 option from this established storage brand. Say goodbye to loading screens! 

The best PS5 SSD with separate heatsinkPNY XLR8 SSD Gaming Kit

PNY’s XLR8 SSD gaming kit is an excellent choice, packing a decent internal SSD and combining it with a brilliant heatsink that’s separate from the drive itself. There’s a little extra work to put in here, but the combo works particularly well.

The best PS5 SSD with integrated heatsinkCorsair MP600 Pro LPX

There are plenty of PS5 SSDs with integrated heatsinks, but Corsair’s MP600 Pro LPX has an incredible build quality that keeps its drive nice and chilled.

The best value PS5 SSDADATA XPG Gammix S70 Blade

Similarly to the Fury Renegade, ADATA’s S70 Blade offers a fantastic price-to-performance ratio and gives the biggest brands a run for their money in terms of features.

The best PS5 SSD for pure speedSamsung 990 Pro

Samsung’s 990 Pro is one of the top Gen 4 SSDs money can buy, and in terms of pure speed, might just be the one that takes the cake. If not, it’s one of the best all-rounders.

The best budget PS5 SSDCrucial P5 Plus

This might not have much faster read and write speeds than the PS5’s stock drive, but it will let you extend your storage space, which is kind of the important bit.

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