List of Elected MCAs in Makueni County for the 2017 General Elections

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A member of the County Assembly (MCA) is an elected representative who is in charge of an electoral unit known as a Ward. The Ward is the smallest electoral (and administrative) unit followed by the Sub-County (or Constituency), the County and finally the Country. List of Elected MCAs in Makueni County for the 2017 General Elections

193. Qualifications for election as member of county assembly

(1) Unless disqualified under clause (2), a person is eligible for election as a member of a county assembly if the person–

(a) is registered as a voter;
(b) satisfies any educational, moral and ethical requirements prescribed by this Constitution or an Act of Parliament; and
(c) is either–

(i) nominated by a political party; or
(ii) an independent candidate supported by at least five hundred registered voters in the ward concerned.

(2) A person is disqualified from being elected a member of a county assembly if the person–

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(a) is a State officer or other public officer, other than a member of the county assembly;
(b) has, at any time within the five years immediately before the date of election, held office as a member of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission;
(c) has not been a citizen of Kenya for at least the ten years immediately preceding the date of election;
(d) is of unsound mind;
(e) is an undischarged bankrupt;
(f) is serving a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months; or
(g) has been found, in accordance with any law, to have misused or abused a State office or public office or to have contravened Chapter Six.

(3) A person is not disqualified under clause (2) unless all possibility of appeal or review of the relevant sentence or decision has been exhausted.

Here is a List of Elected MCAs in Makueni County for the 2017 General Elections

411. Tulimani – Kyalo Mumo (WDM-K)
412. Mbooni – Alexander Mwanza Masila (WDM-K)
413. Kithungo / Kitundu – Kisungi Mulinge Wa Katete (Peoples Trust Party (PTP))
414. Kiteta Kisau – Dennis Wambua Masavu (WDM-K)
415. Waia Kako – Dennis Mutinda Musyoka (WDM-K)
416. Kalawa – Muthoka Mutunga Kyalo (Muungano Party)

417. Kasikeu – Julius Tangai Munari (Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya (PICK))
418. Mukaa – Joseph Muthini Muema (WDM-K)
419. Kiima Kiu / Kalanzoni – Joseph Muthini Kilonzi (WDM-K)

420. Ukia – Japheth Mwailu Katumo (WDM-K)
421. Kee – Isaac Munyao Muema (WDM-K)
422. Kilungu – Patrick Musyoki Mbevi (WDM-K)
423. Ilima – Joseph Kahindu Kavinda (PTP)

424. Wote – Felix Mateso Boniface (WDM-K)
425. Muvau / Kikumini – Elizabeth Kawembe Mutinda (Muungano Party)
426. Mavindini – Jonathan Muunda Kimongo (Muungano Party)
427. Kitise / Kithuki – Sebastian Muli Munguti (Kevin Mutua Mutuku) (WDM-K) *
428. Kathonzweni – Francis King’oo Mutungi (WDM-K)
429. Nzaui / Kilili / Kalamba – Julius Matheka Mutula (WDM-K)
430. Mbitini – Josphat Ndetei Nzuki (WDM-K)

Kibwezi West 
431. Makindu – Alfred Kituku Moenga Kalunde (WDM-K)
432. Nguumo – Alfred Nyamai Mutuku (WDM-K)
433. Kikumbulyu North – Jackson Muema Mbalu (Muungano Party)
434. Kikumbulyu South – Jades Kalunda Muema (Muungano Party)
435. Nguu / Masumba – Timothy Sirei Maneno (independent) (Harris Ngui Musau (WDM-K)) *
436. Emali / Mulala – Nicodemus Mutua Muthoka (WDM-K)

Kibwezi East
437. Masongaleni – Richard Kasyoki Munywoki (Muungano Party)
438. Mtito Andei – Francis Mulwa Mwania (WDM-K)
439. Thange – Nicholas Ndunda Maitha (WDM-K)
440. Ivingoni / Nzambani – Harrison Mwanzia Mutie (National Rainbow Coalition (NARC))

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