Education by Any Means Necessary

HistoryAfrican HistoryEducation by Any Means Necessary
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“Education by Any Means Necessary” is our motto to bring attention and relevance to the way our ancestors pursued reading, literacy, and education “By Any Means Necessary.” Black people were not enslaved because we were ignorant, underdeveloped savages requiring the benevolence of White Americans to be civilized. Black people were enslaved because of their high level of development, skill in various metal and building trades, knowledge of organized agricultural farming, self-discipline, ability to cooperate in collective work groups, innovative approaches to problem-solving, inventive nature, and know-how to build villages, communities, and nations.

Once free from the control, yoke, and bondage of enslavement, our ancestors returned to their intellectual roots, collective organizing roots, and desire for knowledge, skill, and competency by pursuing education “By Any Means Necessary.” It’s time to come home, family. It is time to return to our roots of being at the forefront of education, innovation, design thinking, and invention.

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