The Aga Khan Academy

The Aga Khan Academy is located in the pleasant Parklands suburb in Nairobi. It is a day, co-ed institution that was established in 1970 offering a balanced education system that’s integrated with a ton of sporting and cultural activities as well as community life.

With several other campuses across the globe, the Aga Khan Academy offers an international curriculum that leads to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) administered by Cambridge University. It also offers the International Baccalaureate program and is authorized to offer its continuum through three stages; Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP).

The Aga Khan Academy schools are also found in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Eldoret, and being a part of the Aga Khan Academies globally, some of them offer boarding facilities.

The Aga Khan Academy has an exemplary record of achieving excellent results in the IB Diploma as well as the IGCSE examinations. The school is a member of AISA and is authorized by International Baccalaureate Organization but is not independently accredited or inspected by a recognized agency or organization. 

They teach using the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, used by over 4,000 schools in the world. It’s divided into nursery school ( Playgroup, Kindergarten 1,  Kindergarten 2,  Kindergarten 3), junior school ( grade 1- 6) and senior school ( grade 7 -13).

The school is equipped with various facilities to ensure that they offer world-class education i.e four well-equipped science laboratories, a home science laboratory, a well-stocked library, a lecture room, 16 classrooms, a computer laboratory,  a large multi-purpose hall,  two sports fields, basketball court, and swimming pool.

1. Aga Khan Academy Nairobi Nursery School Fees Structure 

a) Tuition Fees

Term 2 : January – April 2022

Term 3: May – July 2022

ClassTerm 2Term 3
Playgroup ( 2- 3 years)89,00089,000
Kindergarten 1 (3- 4 years)119,000119,000
Kindergarten 2 (4- 5 years)119,000119,000
Kindergarten 3 (5- 6 years)​​139,000139,000
  • Medical Fee: Ksh 700 per term
  • Clubs (optional) : Ksh 20,000
  • Tae Kwondo (optional) : Ksh 4,500
  • Skating (optional) : Ksh 4,500

New Students : Charges once 

  • Admission Fee – Non-Refundable : Ksh 8,000
  • Caution Deposit – Refundable : Ksh 10,000

Please note that the fees are subject to change. Contact the school using the avenues below for fee policies and payments.

2. Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi – Junior School Fees Structure

a) Tuition Fees

Term 2: January – April 2022

Term 3: May – July 2022

ClassTerm 2Term 3
Grade 1256,000256,000
Grade 2256,000256,000
Grade 3256,000256,000
Grade 4276,000276,000
Grade 5276,000276,000
  • Development fees: Ksh 3,000 per term
  • Medical fees: Ksh 700 per term

Other Fees

  • Admission fee (non refundable) : Ksh 15,000
  • Caution deposit: Ksh 15,000
  • Development levy (annual): Ksh 3,000
  • Portfolio (non-refundable): Ksh 1,000

3. Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi Senior School Fees

a) Tuition Fees

Term 2: January – April 2022

Term 3: May – July 2022

ClassTerm 2Term 3
Grade 6276,000276,000
Grade 7276,000276,000
Grade 8300,000300,000
Grade 9300,000300,000
Grade 10436,150
IBDP 1380,000380,000
IBDP 2560,500
  • Medical Fee: Ksh 700

Other Fees

  • Admission Fee – Non-Refundable: Ksh 15,000
  • Development Levy – Annual: Ksh 3,000
  • Caution Deposit: Ksh 15,000
  • Text Book Levy – Non-Refundable: Ksh 15,000

Lunch fee: Optional per Term

The Aga Khan Academy Nairobi Contacts 

1. The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi – Nursery School Contacts

Address: 1st Parklands Avenue, off Limuru Road, Nairobi.

Tel: +254 717 574 489 / +254 770 216 410

2. The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi – Junior School

Phone: +254 0733758510

3. The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi – Senior School

Phone: +254 736 380 101

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