List of Best Primary Schools in Kampala, Uganda

Primary Schools in Uganda are the foundation upon which the country’s educational system is built. They provide the first level of formal education, typically beginning at age 5 or 6 and lasting for seven years, divided into lower and upper primary. Primary schools in Uganda are typically government-funded and provide free education to all children. They are located in both urban and rural areas, and have been instrumental in increasing access to education in the country.

The primary school curriculum in Uganda is based on the national education objectives and is designed to provide basic literacy and numeracy skills. It also covers social studies, science, and other subjects, as well as extra-curricular activities such as music, art, and sports.

In recent years, the government of Uganda has taken steps to improve the quality of primary education. This has included investment in school infrastructure, teacher training, and improved access to learning materials. Additionally, the government has introduced a program to provide free primary education for all children.

Primary schools in Uganda are essential for the development of the country, as they provide children with the foundation upon which to build their future. They are an important part of the country’s educational system, and with the right support, they can help to ensure that all children have access to quality education.

Here is a List of Best Primary Schools in Kampala, Uganda



Namagunga Primary Boarding School

Jinja Road, P.O. Box 68, Lugazi, Uganda, Kampala

Kireka SDA Primary School

Jinja Road, Kireka, P.O. Box 22, Kampala

Kampala Parents School

17-25 Nagulu Naguru Drive, Kampala

Uganda Martyrs Primary School-rubaga

Rubaga, Rubaga South, Kampala

St. Peter’s Primary School Nsambya

Ggaba Road Ganesh Plaza, P.O.Box 3950, Kampala

Shimoni Primary Teachers College

Nile Avenue, P.O.Box 7112, Kampala

Clevers Origin Junior School


Silverspoon Kibuli Primary School

Makindye, Makindye East, Kampala

Silverspoon Kibuli Primary School is a Primary School in Uganda.The School is a Private Sponsored School. The School is found inKampala District and in Makindye East Sub-County.

Noble Care Primary School

4 miles along Bombo Road off Keti – Falawo stage Kazo – Angola Road., P.O.Box 24858, Kampala

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Boarding Primary School

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, P.O.Box 7513, Kampala

The only boarding school in the middle of the city; where your child is given holistic education.

List of Best Primary Schools in Uganda

Mother Manjeri Day & Boarding Primary School

Cream Hill Primary School

Aga Khan Primary School

Railway Children Primary School

Highway Namanyonyi SDA Primary School

Fairway Primary School

Victorious Education Services Ltd.

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Day Primary School – Mengo

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Boarding Primary School – Old Kampala

Waterford Nursery & Primary School

Buganda Road Primary School

Lohana Primary (Old Kampala)

Greenhill Academy

Kibuye Day & Boarding Primary School

Busega Preparatory School

Winston Primary School

Namirembe Parents Mixed Day & Boarding Primary School

Buddo Junior School

Namagunga Primary Boarding School

Uganda Martyrs’ Junior Boys School – Namilyango

Lohana Academy

Eliana Junior School

Kabojja Junior School

Kireka Grammar Junior School

Kampala Happitots Day Care

Railway Primary School

Gas Fired Boilers Manufacturer

New Red Stars Nursery Day & Primary School

St. Martin Mulago Primary School

Kagoma International School

London Bridge Islamic Nursery and Primary School

Mbuya Parents’ School

Kawempe Junior School

City Parents School


Noble Care Primary School

Taibah Junior School

Namagunga Primary Boarding School

Lohana Academy

King Fahad Islamic Primary School

Bright Hill Academy

Kabojja Junior School

Kyanja Primary School

Good Day Academy

Kasubi Family Primary School

Ndeeba Junior School

Souvenir Mixed Nursery, Primary & Vocational Training School

Victoria Junior School

Budo Junior School

Buganda Road Primary School

Kings Way Primary and Nursery School

Maranatha Christian School

Seeta Boarding Primary School

St. Matia Gramma Day & Boarding P/S

City Parents’ School

Kampala Parents School

Mugwanya Preparatory School

White Angels Day Nursery & Boarding Primary School

St. Peter’s Primary School Nsambya

Mpiriggwa R.c. Primary School

Namugongo Girls’ Boarding Primary School

Brain Trust Academy

Bright Light Academy

Buddo Preparatory School

Capital School

Crane Education Centre

Emen Memorial School

Green Hill Academy

Habanomu Quality Academy

Jireh Junior Academy

Kaswa Parents

Kawempe Standard School

Liberty Education Centre

Namirembe Infants Primary School

Nateete Infant School

Parriet Preparatory School

Sharp Infant

Standard Parents School

Hill Preparatory Primary School

Hill Preparatory Primary School

Kabojja School Junior

Kampala Primary Junior School

Makindye Hill School Parents

How much does a cost Primary Schools In Uganda?

Typical annual primary school required costs range from $50 to $150 for day schools. And it is worse for secondary school where tuition is typically required, more books and supplies are needed and things are just more expensive.

What is the entry requirement for Primary Schools In Uganda?

Uganda has seven years of primary education and the legal age for school entry is six. According to the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) statistics, school enrollments increased from three million to 5.3 million in 1997 and the number rapidly increased to seven million by 2004.

How many years is Primary Schools In Uganda?

Primary school (duration: seven years)In areas like Katine, most children never attend nursery; they start their education at the age of five or six at the nearest primary school. In Uganda, there are seven primary school years, from primary one to primary seven

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