DJ Blast

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DJ Blast, aka Jackson Kiarie, joined Supremacy Sounds DJ Academy in 2015 driven by his passion for music. Trained by DJ Raskull, he graduated with a certificate and quickly landed an attachment at Supremacy Sounds TV production, Riddim Up. Over the years, he has established himself as a talented entertainer and is now a full-time DJ in the Supremacy Sounds crew.

He has performed at various events including Jaza Stadi, the Richie Spice Concert, and Radio Jambo. In his free time, he enjoys cycling and has aspirations of becoming a pilot and running his own business franchise in the future.

With a stage name that embodies his electrifying performance style, DJ Blast has made a name for himself and plans to continue enhancing his career and engaging with fans locally and internationally. Follow him on social media:

  • Instagram:@deejayblast_ke
  • Twitter: @deejayblsast_ke
  • Facebook page: @deejayblast_k.
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