List Of Best Cyber Cafes In Nairobi

List Of Best Cyber Cafes In Nairobi. An Internet café, also known as a cybercafé, is a café (or a convenience store or a fully dedicated Internet access business) that provides the use of computers with high bandwidth Internet access on the payment of a fee. Usage is generally charged by the minute or part of hour. An Internet cafe will generally also offer refreshments or other services such as phone repair. Internet cafes are often hosted within a shop or other establishment. They are located worldwide, and many people use them when traveling to access webmail and instant messaging services to keep in touch with family and friends. Apart from travelers, in many developing countries Internet cafés are the primary form of Internet access for citizens as a shared-access model is more affordable than personal ownership of equipment and/or software. Internet cafés are a natural evolution of the traditional café. As Internet access rose many pubs, bars and cafés added terminals eroding the distinction between the Internet café and normal cafés.

Here is a List Of Best Cyber Cafes In Nairobi

SpinAustin Robotic Cyber Café

Address: Shop no. 7, Mini Mall, Hendred Road, off ‘Mbaazi Avenue

Phone: 0750 754121

Parklands On-lyn Cyber cafe

Address: Gala Ln, Nairobi

Phone: 0723 626086

Tabasamu Cyber Cafe

Address: MRJH+457, Mugoya Shopping Centre, Opposite The Excel Centre, South C, Muhoho Ave, Nairobi

Phone: 0719 535004

Star Cyber Cafe

Located in: Interfina House

Address: KTDA Plaza, P.O Box 30213 Tom Mboya St, Nairobi

Phone: 0722 817394

Calls Mall Cyber Cafe

Location: Next to Nyaku House, Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani.

Phone: 0722 602 395.

Loungenet Late Night Cyber

Location: Kimathi Street, Norwich Union, 5th Floor.

Phone: 0724 777 705, 0710 733 440.

Parklands On-lyn Cyber Cafe

Location: Gala Ln, Nairobi

Phone: 0723 626 086.

Kliq Cyber Cafe

Location: Juja Road.

Phone: 0721 888 937.

Tabasamu Cyber Cafe

Location: Mugoya Shopping Centre, Muhoho Avenue, South C.

Phone: 0719 535 004.

Quick Speed Cyber Cafe

Location: Embakasi, Tassia Kwandege.

Phone: 0731 839 852, 0729 228 032.

Torrents Cybercafe

Location: 1st Floor, Interfine House, Tom Mboya Street.

Phone: 0721 906 926.

The Bazaar Cyber Cafe

Location: The Bazaar, Moi Avenue, Floor MI, Suite 6, Shop 4.

Phone: 0711 875 699.

Abshir Cyber Cafe

Address: Eastleigh Second Ave, Nairobi

Phone: 0700 597019

Argus Cyber Cafe

Address: Fedha Road, Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi

Phone: 0710 959191

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