Dictionary entry overview: What does Uncategorized mean? 

• UNCATEGORISED (adjective) Uncategorized >> The adjective UNCATEGORISED has 1 sense:

1. not categorized or sorted

  Familiarity information: UNCATEGORISED used as an adjective is very rare.


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• UNCATEGORISED (adjective)


Sense 1


Not categorized or sorted


uncategorised; uncategorisedunsorted


unclassified (not arranged in any specific grouping)

He that will steal an egg will steal an ox." (English proverb) "If there is no financial involvement between relatives, the relationship is harmonious." (Bhutanese proverb) "Don't count the teeth of a gift horse." (Armenian proverb) "By firelight, an old rag looks like sturdy hemp fabric." (Corsican proverb)
Adj. 1. uncategorized - not categorized or sorteduncategorised - not categorized or sorted
unclassified - not arranged in any specific grouping

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