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List of best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

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Vehicle insurance (also known as car insurancemotor insurance, or auto insurance) is insurance for carstrucksmotorcycles, and other road vehicles. List of best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Vehicle insurance may additionally offer financial protection against theft of the vehicle, and against damage to the vehicle sustained from events other than traffic collisions, such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage sustained by colliding with stationary objects. The specific terms of vehicle insurance vary with legal regulations in each region. There are more than 54 registered insurance companies in Kenya, a majority of which offer car insurance cover. Insurance is not such a popular culture amongst us Kenyans but a majority of car owners know pretty well how important it is to have an insured car.

Are you looking for the best car insurance companies in Kenya? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top car insurance providers in Kenya so you can decide which company is right for you. Car accidents are unfortunately common in Kenya. That’s why it’s essential to have good car insurance – so you know you and your loved ones are taken care of if something happens.

Benefits of Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

  • You will have your car Repaired/or make a cash payment in case of loss or damage to the vehicle.
  • The insurance shall follow through with the Settlement of claims arising from third-party Bodily injury and third-party property damage.
  • Your insurance shall provide an Alternative vehicle if the insured is involved in an accident and the garage.
  • The insurance shall cover any expenses incurred in processing claims, including having an advocate to represent you in court for third-party claims.

It is a legal requirement for all car owners to insure their motor vehicles in Kenya. The Insurance Regulatory Authority specifies that driving a car without valid insurance is a criminal offense. Car insurance is vital, especially for losses caused by accidents or theft.

Depending on your needs, you have these 3 options:

Third-party Car Insurance: Call it the most basic insurance plan that covers expenses incurred from the damage made to the other person, their vehicle, and/or property. The law requires that you have this cover as a minimum.

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Third-party fire and theft: This is a compromised comprehensive insurance plan. One may also call it an improved third-party insurance cover. Apart from third-party costs, it covers your car against fire and theft.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: If you are seeking the highest level of protection for your car, comprehensive motor insurance is your perfect choice. It provides complete coverage for your vehicle, plus several other bonuses in addition to the third-party, fire, and theft benefits.

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Here is a List of best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

Directline Insurance

Directline provides insurance cover for Public Service Vehicles (PSV), Commercial Motor, Private Vehicles, and Taxis.

-Loss of spare parts/ keys
-Windscreen and towing services.
-Vehicle damage
-Car Tracking

XPlico Insurance

Xplico is another upcoming insurance company in the Kenyan market, aggressively growing its branch network countrywide.

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The company has managed to attract several clients countrywide due to its readily available branches.

Xplico has numerous agencies and business partners operating in all the major towns in Kenya.

Britam Insurance Kenya

Britam insurance is one of the best car insurance companies in Kenya. Britam has deep roots across the region like in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Mozambique. Britam covers stolen and damaged vehicles as well as third parties. Besides, it also provides emergency medical cover for victims involved in an accident.
Their car insurance covers you against;
-Accidental loss or damage to the vehicle
-Third-Party Liabilities
-Emergency Medical Expenses to driver or passengers or pedestrians after an accident

CIC Insurance

They are also a Co-operative Insurance Company that provides world-class car insurance. CIC has, over time, creating customized products for its clients that have cemented its position in Kenya and the East African region as a trusted insurance and financial services provider. The Co-operative Insurance Company has over time created customized car insurance products for their clients, the most popular one being CIC Lady Auto.

Some of their car insurance include;

  • Personal Accident Cover for the family & one indoor employee.
  • Trauma Counseling for persons involved in an incident
  • Replacement of Lost Car Keys
  • 24hr roadside assistance services countrywide
CIC Lady Auto

CIC has a product designed just for ladies and their nuclear families.

The policy dubbed Lady Auto covers all the valuables inside the ladies cars in case of an accident or carjacking.

The policy offers a courtesy car for 24 days after the first 3 days of an accident. This ensures that your lifestyle is not interrupted after an accident or theft.

It also covers one indoor employee whilst traveling in the insured motor vehicle.

Trauma Counseling for persons involved in any incident, reimbursement of third-party medical expenses, and replacement of lost car keys are other Lady Auto benefits.

Forced ATM withdrawals are also covered, plus the much needed 24hr roadside assistance services countrywide.

CIC Motor Commercial Plus

A CIC designed for heavy commercial vehicles to shield owners in case of road accidents or destruction due to riots or theft.

Third-party liabilities are also covered with nil theft excess, riot strike, and civil commotion cover.

The policy gives coverage and repair facilitation across and within the COMESA region.

Invesco Assurance Company limited

Invesco has risen over time, like 20 years since its inception and it has towered amongst its peer insurer companies in Kenya. Apart from motor insurance, Invesco also insures domestic property, businesses, fire and related occurrences. If you have looked at the windscreens of many PSVs here in Kenya, you can see that majority of them, almost 95% have an Invesco insurance cover.

Invesco is popularly known for its aggressiveness in the PSV sector in Kenya.

In fact, the company is owned by the Matatu Owners Association, a body that advocates for the needs of PSV owners in Kenya.

Due to its specialization advantage, Invesco has managed to come up with products that meet the needs of all PSV carriers in the country.

The PSV sector is a rather risky venture, and most insurance companies are not willing to venture here.

This leaves Invesco and the other few counterparts with a large number of clients right inside their nets.

APA Car Insurance

This company is a merger between Apollo insurance and the Pan-African group. APA Insurance Company has always performed well in rankings in Kenya.

APA also deals with general Insurance risks like Motor, Liability, Agriculture, Marine, Aviation, Property, Micro Insurance, Health Insurance, and Individual and Family Health Insurance.

APA Insurance Company has always performed well in rankings in Kenya.APA also deals with general Insurance risks like Motor, Liability, Agriculture, Marine, Aviation, Property and Micro Insurance, Health Insurance and Risks like Individual and Family Health Insurance.

Heritage Insurance Company

Heritage Insurance Company is one of the insurers that only covers private vehicles, including Saloons, Station wagons, Estates, and large Four-Wheel Drives. The insurance covers the following;

  • Loss of spare parts/ keys,
  • Windscreen and towing services,
  • Vehicle damage
  • Car Tracking

Heritage provides all three levels of cover for private vehicles only. Private cars include saloons, station wagons, and large four-wheel drives.

Private means that the vehicles are only used for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes. The cover, therefore, excludes all usage of such vehicles for hire.

Private pickups and trucks, Vans, and company/school buses are also within this cluster. Motorcycles: Used for the insured’s business only.

Other vehicles in this category include tractors, combine harvesters, graders, ambulances, fire tenders, etc.

Heritage AutoCorrect

This is a unique insurance product in the Kenyan market that employs Telematics in the pricing of policies.

A black box is used to capture and process driving data and the data used in determining the premiums.

By analyzing, when, where and how you drive, the client gets personalized pricing for their motor insurance.

Good drivers, therefore, pay less in premiums compared to careless drivers.

The device installed in your car records among other things your speed, location, distance traveled, and the time of the day or night.

It also captures your driving style which includes your acceleration behaviors, brake application, and how you negotiate corners.

Apart from saving up to 15% annually on premiums, claims are processed faster. It also helps and motivates you to improve your driving techniques where necessary.

Jubilee Car Insurance

Jubilee Insurance is headquartered in Nairobi and is a favourite among many insurance clients who like its flexible and tailor-made insurance products. Jubilee’s car insurance covers the following;
-Private & Commercial Car Comprehensive
-Third-party Bodily Injuries
-Theft & damage
-Special perils. e.g. Floods, wind, fire, storms.
-Third-party liability –Injury & property damage

UAP Motor Private insurance

UAP is one of the oldest insurers in Kenya and UAP Motor private insurance is the oldest branch of UAP. UAP offers a wide range of services for different insurances like cars, fire, theft, livestock and marine to name just a few.
The car insurance covers the following and has the following benefits;
-Vehicles for loss or damage
-Car Tracking Device & Services
-24 hour Road Rescue
-Emergency Medical Expenses after accidents
-Forced ATM withdrawal

AMACO Insurance

Africa Merchant Assurance Company has been a well-known motor insurance company in Kenya for a while. The company provides both Third Party cover and comprehensive cover for its clients.

AIG Kenya

This is one of the best car insurance in Kenya. It was the largest insurance company globally and is still among the best insurers worldwide.

Its services are unique, and that has earned its total customer trust. AIG provides motor insurance for Private Motor Insurance and Health Insurance.

Allianz Car Insurance

Apart from being among the best car insurance companies in Kenya, Allianz Group takes pride in being a worldwide leader in insurance with a presence in more than 70 countries.

Allianz makes it possible for clients to obtain insurance covers completely online, without visiting any office. All you need to do is to select the extent to which you want to be insured.

Quick and efficient, right? After the online processing, the car insurance certificate is then delivered to your address.

Allianz Third Party Car Insurance

If you need a minimum cover for your private car for whatever reason, you can get a third-party cover.

This policy makes a lot of sense if you only need to ensure that you abide by the traffic rules.

It’s great and can be a great option if you know that your car is not facing any serious risks.

Whatever your reasons, this is a cover that protects you against all the liabilities third parties may direct at you.

The third-party theft and fire additionally protect you from loss of your car through theft, and to an accidental fire.

However, intentionally setting your car on fire would leave the entire burden on your pair of shoulders.

Allianz Comprehensive

The plan compensates for damages to the third party and to your car in case of an accident, it also takes care of fire, theft of the car or any of its accessories.

There are optional covers such as road rescue and courtesy car available, just in case you need them.

The plan, however, does not cover losses as a result of car racing, competitions, Rallies or Trials and carriage of passengers for hire.

Just like many other car insurance companies, Allianz has an issue with young drivers (aged less than 21 years) causing an accident.

In such cases, Allianz would require you to pay Ksh 5, 000 to take care of the damages.

The same applies to an inexperienced driver (with less than one year of experience).

Comprehensive Motorcycle

Motorcycle insurance is a must-have! It is illegal to ride without insurance cover.

A motorcycle insurance policy will ensure you have a cover for the risks you could face on the road.

Allianz Kenya offers comprehensive covers for motorcycles owned by both individuals and companies.

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