AA Kenya Driving School Fees Structure and Branches

AA Kenya has evolved over the past 100 years from vehicle importation, road construction; driving school set up to an Association with a wide array of mobility related products and services. AA Kenya Driving School Fees Structure and Branches. Founded in 1919, the role that AA played in the formative years was critical to ensuring the interests of motorists in the country were safeguarded. Some of the critical roles AA played included: providing information on the purchase and maintenance of motor vehicles, negotiating attractive insurance premiums for its members, set up of the first petrol depots in the country, and mapping of the roads. One of the milestones we are most proud of is that our founder, Galton Fenzi, was the first to drive from Nairobi to Mombasa using the Riley 12/50 vehicle. This vehicle was donated to AA Kenya to facilitate testing of road conditions in East Africa

By 1925 the membership of the association had grown to 2000, but the effects of the Second World War reduced the membership to 1,189 by 1939 and 753 in 1946. To diversify its services, the association started operating a driving school in 1962 beginning with a single Ford Anglia. The idea was introduced by the late M.A.S Northcorte and other former British army men. Respected for its strictness, in depth curriculum and commitment to responsible driving AA has become one of the most favoured driving schools on the continent. In the year 2000 AA Kenya completed the construction of it’s million dollar headquarters comprising a highly equipped garage. At present the association has over 100,000 members and branch offices in all major towns countrywide. Internationally, AA Kenya is affiliated with Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) which represents over 100 million motorists worldwide.

AA Driving School Fees Structure : Learner Driver Course

AA driving school offers this course for complete beginners and the charges vary as follows:

Category A NTSA (Motor Cycles driving instruction course)

This comprises of 15 theory and practical lessons and will teach you how to safely and professionally ride a motor cycle.

The prevailing AA driving school fees for this course is just sh.4,500.00

There are, however, a couple of additional charges as explained below:

  • Driver’s manual- shs.700.00
  • NTSA examination and logistics fees- shs. 2200.00
  • Applicable service charge- shs.580

Total fee for the programmeshs. 7980

  • NTSA Category B Driving Instruction course (for Light Vehicles such as Saloon cars)

If you’re planning to buy a saloon car for business or family travel, this is the ideal course.

You will undergo 30 practical and theory driving instruction course lessons under this programme and you should come out as a very competent driver.

At the moment, AA driving school fee for this instruction course is Kshs. 17,500.00.

But as always, you’ll incur some extra expenses because of training manuals and NTSA facilitation.

For this course, you’ll add the following monies:

  • Driver’s manual- shs.700.00
  • NTSA examination and logistics fees- shs. 2200.00
  • Applicable service charge- shs.580

Total fee for the light vehicle instruction course will, therefore, be shs. 20980

AA Driving School Fees Structure Truck Drivers instruction Course

This is officially classified as NTSA Category C and is for those wishing to learn how to drive heavy commercial vehicles.

This is thus the driving course to go for if you dream of working as a career truck driver locally and the eastern Africa region (AA Kenya is recognized across the continent).

The course has 30 theoretical and practical lessons and you must be at least 22 years old to be accepted into this course.

The regular AA driving school fees here is Kshs. 19,900.00 plus the usual NTSA, service charge, and driver’s instruction manual cost.

Automobile Association of Kenya
Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper Hill
P.O Box 40087-00100 Nairobi

Phone: 0709 933 000 | 0709 933 999
Email: aak@aakenya.co.ke


1AA Head Office ReceptionRenaissance corporate Park, Upperhill0709933011
2BuruBuruGemuwa House, 3rd floor0709333003
3EmbakasiAA House, Catherine Ndereba Road0709933901
4EldoretFims Building, 2nd floor0709333010
5EmbuEastern Emporium Building, Kenyatta Highway (above NHIF office)0709333019
6HurlinghamAPA Arcade, 3rd floor0709933000
7KiambuKiambu Post office, 1st floor0709333021
8KituiBonus mall, 2nd floor0709333024
9Kahawa SukariMizpah Building0709333026
10Kahawa WendaniOpp Kahawa barracks main gate0709333004
11KakamegaEquity building, Ambwere Towers, 2nd floor0709333014
12KaratinaBiashara Street opp Karatina Air market, 1st floor0709333016
13KerichoKoinei Plaza,3rd floor0709333012
14KisiiThe Place Building, 3rd floor0709333013
15KikuyuEureka Towers, 3rd floor0709333031
16KisumuTivoli centre, 2nd floor0709333009
17KitaleYes Plaza Building, 2nd floor0709333011
18LikoniRafiki Building, 3rd floor0709333005
19MachakosTTEN building, 1st floor – Suite no.10709333020
20MeruMuthui Building behind Society stores, Ground floor0709333018
21MtwapaReena Plaza, 1st floor0709333029
22MombasaNSSF Building, Ground floor0709333007
23NarokThe Oltalet mall, 3rd floor0709333028
24NaivashaWagi House next to NSSF0709333022
25NakuruGate House Building, 2nd floor0709333008
26NanyukiNational bank building, 2nd Floor0709333025
27NyeriLymo Plaza, 2nd floor0709333017
28Ongata RongaiTyme Suite, 4th floor0709333030
29WestlandsSarit Centre, 2nd floor0709333001
30ThikaTwinoak Plaza, 2nd floor0709333006
31Village MarketVillage Market Complex, Ground floor0709333002
32RuarakaTop Brass house 2nd floor along Outering road0709333128
33CBDAgriculture house, 4th floor- Harambee Avenue0709333129
34KitengelaKitengela Plaza, 1st floor0709333130
35ChukaUshirika Plaza, 3rd floor0709333023
36KarenKaren Square, 2nd floor0757059157
37KawangwareTunza Plaza, 2nd floor0757059245
38KasaraniTotal Clay city, 2nd floor0709333134

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