UN Sacco Paybill Number 528 700

Collect payments easily with no time limitations through M-PESA. UN Sacco Paybill Number 528 700

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M-PESA Paybill Tariff Guide

Paybill (C2B) Requirements

Paybill Application Form and Terms & Conditions

Paybill Merchant USSD Application Form

United Nations Sacco Society (UNSACCO) Limited was  started in 1975 with the objective of providing a mechanism for United Nations(UN) employees in Kenya to save and borrow at low cost in order to meet the employees’ socio-economic needs.

UN Sacco has a membership of slightly over 4,000 with deposits of over Ksh 6.2 billion and a loan portfolio of over Ksh 6.6 billion

UN Sacco Savings Products

      1.      FOSA savings account.

The account operates as follows:-

·        The account maintenance balance is Ksh.2,000

·        The minimum interest earning balance is Ksh. 50,000

·        Interest is calculated monthly and credited at the month.

·        The Fosa Account holders are eligible for ATM card services which shall be issued and operated in accordance with the Society’s ATM card procedure.

·        The Fosa Account holders are eligible for M-sacco services.

·        A member can make regular savings to the Fosa Savings Account through a check-off arrangement with the employer.

·        The account attracts no monthly charges or account maintenance fees.

      2.      Fixed Deposit Account

The account operates as detailed below.

·        Fixed Deposit Account is suitable for deposits where the customer is fairly certain of the period that he can commit the funds.

·        Minimum deposit Kshs.50,000

·        Interest is computed daily and credited at the maturity of the contract period.

·        Accrued interest is forfeited if a depositor withdraws the funds before the maturity date.

·        The customer is issued with a Certificate of Deposit upon depositing the money.

·        The Certificate of Deposit details the amount deposited, date deposited, interest rate applicable, contract period and the maturity date.

·        Upon maturity the depositor can rollover the principal together with the interest or collect interest and rollover the principal or collect both principal and interest.

      3.      Children’s Account

The account operates in the following manner:

·        The member opens an account for each and every child as he wishes.

·        The account name is the child’s name, while the parent has the sole mandate to operate it.

·        The minimum monthly saving for each account is Ksh.250 mainly through check-off but any other mode is also acceptable.

·        Withdrawal from the account is permitted after every four months provided a balance of Ksh.500 is maintained.

·        Withdrawal before four months are over may be permitted at a charge of Ksh.150 per withdrawal.

·        Minimum interest earning balance is Ksh.5000

·        The rate of interest will be based on amount and time of deposit; the higher the amount and the longer the period, the higher the rate.

·        The account attracts no monthly charges or account maintenance fees.

·        Withdrawal fees shall be in as stipulated in the Fosa Tariff Guide.

·        Children receive a birthday card every year.

      4.      Chama Account

The account operates under the following  terms and conditions

·        The group must have at least one member who is a UN Sacco member.

·        The group must at least three signatories to the account.

·        Minutes of the group meeting authorizing the officials to open the account shall be required to open the account.

·        The group must have a name preferably registered.

·        The mode of contribution is check-off, standing order or by direct deposit.

·        Minimum account maintenance balance is Ksh.5,000

·        Minimum interest earning balance is Ksh.50,000

·        Withdrawal fees shall be as stipulated in the Fosa Tariff Guide and shall be limited to once a month

·        The account has no monthly charges like ledger fees, account maintenance etc.

·        Minimum monthly deposits of Kshs 5,000.

UN Sacco Loan Products

     1.      Normal Loan.

Features of the loan product includes:

·        The amount borrowed is up to a maximum KShs. 20 Million.

·        The repayment period shall be a maximum of 60 months

·        The loan shall attract interest rate of 1.05% per month on a reducing balance. However, this will be reviewed from time to time depending on the cost of funds sourced by the Society and the prevailing market rates

·        The Security shall be the member’s and guarantors’ shares

·        Membership spanning at least six months

·        Qualifying loan is 3 times member’s deposits. Once taken, premium loan is foregone.

     2.      Premium Loan

Features include

·        The amount borrowed should be four times members’ shares while taking into account the existing loan

·        Maximum loan amount is up to Kshs 20 Million.

·        The repayment period is 72 months depending on the nature of the contract

·        The interest charged is 1.25% per month on a reducing balance.

·        The Security is the member’s own deposits and guarantors’ deposits.

·        Processing is done weekly.

     3.      Education Loan

Features include:

·        The maximum amount is three times the member’s deposits.

·        The interest charged will be 1.05% per month on a reducing balance

·        The loan shall be repayable within 12 months from the time of issue

·        The Society will issue cheque in favour of the school or college.

    4.      Emergency Loan

Features of the loan product include:

·        Be a member for at least 6 months

·        To be within the three times your shares

·        A copy of your latest payslip

·        Copy of your National ID card or Passport

·        Letter of Contract

·        Supporting documents(School fees structure), for school fees loan

·        Dully filled application form attached with pay advice and contract

·        Repaid in Max 1 year

·        Processed weekly, application form to reach UNSACCO by end of day Tuesday, get the loan on Friday

·        Supporting documents in case of emergency loans

·        Proof of ability to pay through payroll and must be left with take home of Ksh15,000

·        Interest rate of 1.05% per month

·        At least 3 Guarantors if loan applied is more than your shares

     5.      Instant Loan

The product is designed to assist members meet urgent financial obligations and is processed within 24 hours.

Features include:

·        Processed within 24 hours of application.

·        The maximum amount is Kshs 2 Million.

·        A member can have multiple instant loans, however, the total outstanding loan amounts for all instant loans at any one time must not to exceed KShs.2 million.

·        Loan is repayable within three years

·        Interest is charged at 2% per month on a reducing balance

     6.      Retirees’ Loan

Available to members who have retired from employment.


·        Guarantors must be from existing membership

·        Qualifying amounts is up to two times a member’s deposits

·        Maximum repayment period is 36 months.

·        Interest rate 1.05%p.m.

     7.      Motor Vehicle Loan


·        Qualifying amount is up to 4 times a member’s deposits

·        Repayment period is up to 60 months for vehicles not older than 3 years and 48 months for vehicles between 3 years and 8 years.

·        Maximum amount is KShs.3 Million.

·        Interest rate is 1.25% per month on the reducing balance.

·        Lending margin is 70% for new vehicles and 60% for used vehicles.

·        Since the loans are secured, contract period is not a barrier but should be at least 6 months to expiry

·        Joint registration of the vehicle between the member and the UNSACCO.

·        The vehicle to be comprehensively insured during the lifespan of the loan.

     8.      FOSA Loan

The product is designed for members who have exhausted their deposits borrowing ability but have capacity to repay through payroll.


·        Processed within 24 hours

·        Loan is repayable within a maximum of 3 years

·        Interest rate of 3% per month on a reducing balance

·        Proof of ability to pay through payroll.

·        Maximum aggregate amount of loan outstanding for all Fosa loans at any one time must not to exceed Ksh.1.0 million.

     9.      Settling Down Loan

This loan is designed to help new staff members settle down smoothly in their new stations of work.


·        Member qualifies after first payroll deduction and raising minimum share capital.

·        Maximum loan is three times monthly basic salary up to a maximum of KShs. 1,000,000.00/=.

·        Interest rate is 1.5% pm.

·        Repayment period is up to a maximum of 12 months or contract period whichever is shorter.

     10.   Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) / Insurance Product loan

The loan is available to all members for purpose of payment of the insurance premiums.


·        Maximum repayment period is 12 months

·        Interest rate 1.25% p.m.

·        No guarantors required.

·        Invoice required for processing.

·        Cheque payable to insurance company.

·        Proof of ability to pay through payroll

     11.   Festive Season Loan

This loan is a special season loan for those with holiday accounts.


·        Maximum amount is 1.5 times the amount of savings in the holiday account.

·        Maximum repayment period is 12 months.

·        The interest charged is 1.50% per month on a reducing balance.

·        Must be fully guaranteed

Here is how to use UN Sacco paybill number 528 700 in easy steps:

  •       Go to Mpesa menu
  •       Select Lipa na Mpesa
  •       Select paybill
  •       Enter UN Sacco paybill number 528 700
  •       Enter ccount number- here enter your FOSA Account number
  •       Enter Amount to transfer.
  •       Enter Mpesa Pin
  •       Confirm details and then click ok.
  •       You will receive an email from Safaricom indicating that your money has been transferred to UN Sacco.

*Members can also access their accounts by dialing *346# in your phone and then follow the easy steps.

UN Sacco Contacts

    P.O. Box 30552 00100 GPO Nairobi Kenya

    Next to the UNFCU block inside UN Complex


    Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone:     +254 20 512 2700-3, 4737 & 3852

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