Signon cargo centre Import / export warehouse

Signon cargo centre Import / export warehouse Triad was commissioned to develop an Import, Export and Transshipment warehouse facility at the Siginon Freight site just outside the Cargo Section of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). The development is ringed in the Cargo Section for security purposes. The development will have the following facilities:


  • Large enough to accommodate cargo for 2 No. Boeing 747 planes. Each plane can take 40 pallets thus a total accommodation of 80 pallets (total of racked and full pallet storage).


  • To house storage for Transit Pallets and goods. Transit pallets / goods will come in from the import warehouse side.
  • Banking hall, Dangerous Goods Area (DGR), perishables section, special goods/equipment external storage area


  • Siginon offices for 30 staff (includes those in warehouses). This will include the facility manager’s office and offices for support staff.
  • Server room, offices for 4 main airlines each with 10 staff and 5 smaller airlines with a maximum of 5 staff each.
  • Small banking premises with a separate wings for general public and for clearing agents / customers.

Client:Signon Freight Ltd
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area:8,895.46 sq.metres
Completion: 2014
Project Director: Charles Ndungu
Project Architect: Edward Muli Mulu

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