Uganda Parliament Building

The parliament of Uganda is the country’s legislative body. Unicameral, the most significant of the Ugandan parliament’s functions is to pass laws that will provide good governance in the country. The government ministers are bound to answer to the people’s representatives on the floor of the house. Through the various parliamentary committees, parliament scrutinises government programmes, particularly as outlined in the State of the Nation address by the president. The fiscal issues of the government, such as taxation and loans need the sanction of the parliament, after appropriate debate.

Triad Architects were retained by Skanska, the main contractor undertaking the renovation work of the Uganda Parliament, to advise on the recladding of the entrance gates and main tower, and to provide visual support to their proposals to the supervising architects and the Ministry of Housing. Proposals were also made for recladding the main chamber and the ceremonial entrance.

Client:Uganda Government
Project Location: Uganda
Gross Area:11000sq.metres
Completion Date: February 9, 1999
Project Partner: Tim Vaulkhard
Project Architect: Charles Ndungu

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