Nyumbani Hospice

Nyumbani Hospice. The Children of God Relief Institute approached Triad Architects in 1996 to prepare drawings for their Home for AIDs Orphans on their 2.5 acre plot situated in Karen. The design concept developed was based on units of individual houses each for a “family” of six children and a “mother”.

Ten such houses (for a total of sixty children) grouped around a central playground/courtyard were designed, with a multipurpose schoolhouse forming the focus of the courtyard.

Ancillary buildings comprising a convent building, staff housing, store, kitchen/laundry building, were also designed. An existing shed was converted to form a laboratory, reception, offices and clinic. The project was funded by individual charitable donors at various times and construction was carried out in phases between 1996 and 1999 when funds were available. The last phase comprising the kitchen/ laundry building was completed in 2000.

Client: Children of God Relief Institute
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area:2.5 acres
Completion : 1999
Project Partner: James Gitoho
Project Architect: Wambaa Mungai

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