Nairobi Hospital – Short Stay

The Nairobi Hospital commissioned Triad Architects to design a modern Nairobi Hospital – Short Stay Centre to be located on the first floor above the existing Accident and Emergency unit as well as a ramp to link the Accident and Emergency unit to the laboratory facility.

The design of the Short Stay Centre involved the planning of an open reception area with an enclosed Executive Clinic. The reception area leads to two modern operating theatres, with state-of-the-art equipment, doctors consultation rooms, Male and Female recovery areas with an 18 bed capacity, Diagnostic and Therapeutic endoscopy rooms, dental facilities as well as a highly specialized In-vitro fertilization centre.

The use of warm, painted colours on the walls and bright toned granite fl oors along the general corridor areas was aimed at creating an inviting and pleasant environment within the entire facility.

The theatres are painted in shades of cream with a contrasting light grey coloured fl oor of self levelling epoxy screed. The warm colours on the wall surfaces create soothing spaces to enhance the recovery of patients.

The ramp design was based on a curvature formation leading from the Accident and Emergency Centre to the laboratories centre. The walling is consistent, using bush hammered stone to match that of the existing facilities. In maintaining the theme of consistency with the existing environment, the fl oors to the ramp have been laid using bright coloured granite fl ooring with flamed strips to match the corridors within the hospital.

Client: The Nairobi Hospital
Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gross Area: 1372sq.metres
Completion : 2006
Project Partner: James Gitoho
Project Architect: George Goko

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