KICC Helipad / Rooftop Entry Charges

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), formerly the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, is a 28-story building located in NairobiKenya. KICC Helipad / Rooftop Entry Charges. The KICC is located in the City Square of Nairobi, and is a crucial address for a number of Government offices, including those of recently elected Senators. It is an internationally renowned venue for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and special events within walking distance of several five star hotels. During its four-and-a-half-decade history it has been the host of several international conferences, seminars, exhibitions and summits.

The KICC is ranked as one of the top places to hold conferences on the continent. After completion, the building held the rank of the tallest building in Nairobi up until the construction of Teleposta Towers. The building has since then ceded its position as the tallest tower to a host of other newer projects including the UAP Old Mutual TowerTimes Tower and the Britam Tower, which is the tallest building in Nairobi as of 2020.

The skyscraper’s rooftop provides a 360-degree picturesque panoramic view of the city centre and its horizons. It is usually open seven days a week from 8 AM to 6 PM.

KICC Helipad / Rooftop Entry Charges

Non Residents Ksh. 500.00
Non resident Children Ksh. 200.00
Residents Ksh.300.00
Resident Children Ksh. 100.00
International Students Ksh. 300.00
East African Adults/ Kenyan Citizen Adults Ksh. 200.00
East African/Kenyan Citizen Secondary School children Ksh. 100.00
East African Children/Kenyan children of Primary School and below Ksh. 50.00
Video shoot Ksh. 15,000.00
Photoshoot Ksh. 7,500.00

Note: Remember to carry your national ID or passport.  

KICC Contacts

Phone: 020 3261000, 0703 769 929


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