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I&M Bank Tower

The I&M Bank Tower is a skyscraper in NairobiKenya‘s capital and largest city. It was designed and constructed by Laxmanbhai Construction LTD and designed by Planning Systems Services Ltd.

Indeed, even the contractors, Laxmanbhai Construction, were the same ones who put up Lonrho House in record time and within budget. And so work began along Kenyatta Avenue/Muindi Mbingu Streets.

But did you know that the I&M building was erected in what went down as Nairobi’s deepest foundation for a building—four basements that could have swallowed the adjacent buildings?

That is not all.

The I&M Bank Tower was also not built on site. Its blocks were constructed off site and re-assembled where it now stands! It is also one of the few buildings that can have one whole side deconstructed and re-plugged.

The reason for this is that during its construction, its transformers and generators were to be installed in the basement, which had been allotted as parking space.


The building is located on Kenyatta Avenue, in Nairobi’s central business district, adjacent to the Kenyan headquarters of CFC Stanbic Bank. The coordinates of the building are:1°17’05.0″S, 36°49’12.0″E (Latitude:-1.284714; Longitude:36.819993).


Completed in 2001, the tower is the main headquarters for I&M Bank Limited (I&M Bank), the lynchpin of the I&M Bank Group. In the past, the building also served as the headquarters of the Standard Group, which includes The Standard newspaper and Kenya Television Network station.

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