Commercial Treasury Uganda

Commercial Treasury Uganda. The key government Ministry of Finance and the Treasury in Uganda was located in many different buildings around Kampala. The Ministry’s main building complex had suffered badly due to neglect over many years and a fire had also ravaged the old Treasury Building. The World Bank funded a project to rehabilitate the building and to reorganise the various Ministry of Finance and Treasury departments on one site. Triad Architects headed a consortium of consultants who implemented this important project.

The Ministry of Finance building an 8-storey 1960’s reinforced concrete structure was refurbished. This building had suffered general neglect and looting and all surfaces and finishes needed to be replaced. The building was completely rewired and replumbed and new finishes and partitioning systems were installed.

The Treasury building, a fine old 1930’s structure was in extremely poor condition, having lost half of its roof in a fire. Whilst structurally sound, it was essential engineering work that was carried out to stabilise the building and to reconstruct the roof. The building was rehabilitated in keeping with its architectural character and the interior replanned to provide more accommodation than originally provided.

Client:Ministry of Finance and T reasury, Uganda
Project Location: Kampala, Uganda
Completion Date: January 12, 2016
Project Partner: Tim Vaulkhard
Project Architect: Paul Srofoge

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