Clinical Officers School

Clinical Officers School. Triad were commissioned by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) as part of the Health and Population Programme in Kenya to design training schools for Enrolled Community Nurses, Clinical Officers and Hospital Maintenance Engineers.

The project covered four sites in Mombasa, Embu, Kilifi and Meru. This information sheet illustrates the Hospital Maintenance Engineers School at Kilifi and Clinical Officers School at Mombasa.

Triad developed type designs for the projects and implemented the four projects concurrently. Emphasis was laid on ease of maintenance and clay projects were selected for their durability. The schools were constructed under four separate contracts which were administered simultaneously and the programme was carried out on time and within the budget.

The facilities designed include students accommodation, catering facilities, classrooms, libraries, laboratories, training workshops (metal work, hospital equipment, plumbing, carpentry and electrical). Housing for teaching and administrative staff was constructed for each project, and each site was landscaped. All hot water requirements were provided by the use of solar heating systems.

Client: SIDA & Kenya Government
Project Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Gross Area:8500 sq. metres
Completion : 1998
Project Partner: T.G Vaulkhard
Project Architect: Stephen Kiko

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