Ollin Sacco Paybill Number 350 050

Ollin Sacco society Ltd was registered on 14th June 1976 by the name Muhigia Sacco Society Ltd. Ollin Sacco Paybill Number 350 050

It had a membership of 163 on inception but the membership currently stands at over 10,000.

In year 2014, Muhigia Sacco was rebranded to Ollin Sacco under the intention of serving our customers better.

The Sacco is located in Kerugoya town, Kirinyaga County but draws its membership from various sectors like Education, Government, Farming, Jua Kali e.t.c

The Sacco was the first in the republic of Kenya and indeed, in Africa to operate a front office (Fosa) in 1995

Ollin Sacco Loan Products

      1.      Fosa Loan

      2.      Fanikisha Loan

      3.      Okoa Loan

      4.      Development Loan

      5.      Bosa Plus Loan

      6.      School Fees Loan

      7.      Supa Loan

      8.      Biz-Loan

      9.      Pamoja Loan

      10.   Emergency Loan

      11.   Alpha Loan

      12.   Agricultural(Kilimo) Loan

      13.   M-Loan

      14.   Investment Loan

Ollin Sacco Savings Products

      1.      Savings Account

      2.      Business Account

      3.      Stop-Gap Account

      4.      Fixed Deposit Account

      5.      Banking Services

      6.      Safe Document Custody

      7.      Junior or Children Account

      8.      Security Fund

Here is how to use Ollin Sacco Paybill Number 350 050

  •         Go to Mpesa Menu
  •         Select Pay Bill from your M-PESA menu
  •         Enter Ollin Sacco Paybill Number 350 050
  •         Enter ID number for  Account Number
  •         Enter the amount you wish to pay
  •         Enter your M-PESA PIN
  •         Confirm details are correct and press OK
  •         You will receive confirmation message from Safaricom

Ollin Sacco Spot Cash Services *645#

Ollin Sacco Spot Cash services is available to Safaricom registered users and enables the members to do the following transactions;

  •         Withdraw money from Sacco account to M-Pesa
  •         Balance inquiry of Sacco account
  •         Loan repayment from M-Pesa
  •         Account mini statement inquiry
  •        Airtime top-up
  •         Payment of utility bills like electricity and water bills
  •         Change M-Sacco Pin number
  •         Transfer money from one account to another in the Sacco
  •        SMS notifications

Ollin Sacco Contacts.

If you have any question regarding Spot Cash or Ollin Sacco Paybill Number 350 050, contact the Sacco on:

Ollin Sacco Society Ltd.

P.O. Box 83-10300

Kerugoya, Town

Off Kutus-Karatina Road


Tel: 060-21582/0724256461

Email1: info@ollin.co.ke

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