Newton Group Uganda

Newton Group is a multimedia publishing, commercial printing, Real Estates,tours & travels and General Trading Group of Companies and Businesses-Globewide Founded by Isaac Newton Bitukirire



To be a leading market-focused, performance-driven organization, managed on global standards of operational and financial efficiency”s

“To be the most respected and successful enterprise, delighting worldwide customers with a wide range of products and solutions with the best people and the best technology”.
* The most respected.
* The most successful.
* Delighting customers.
* Wide range of Services and products.
* The best people.
* The best technology.
A globally respected African media and multi-business Company advancing society

We provide a variety of Goods services to the world through a group a companies and Businesses with basis in Uganda.


News Papers, Magazines, Adverts, Real Estates,General Construction
Business Consultancy and Many others.

corporate group or group of companies is a collection of parent and subsidiary corporations that function as a single economic entity through a common source of control. These types of groups are often managed by an account manager. The concept of a group is frequently used in tax lawaccounting and (less frequently) company law to attribute the rights and duties of one member of the group to another or the whole. If the corporations are engaged in entirely different businesses, the group is called a conglomerate. The forming of corporate groups usually involves consolidation via mergers and acquisitions, although the group concept focuses on the instances in which the merged and acquired corporate entities remain in existence rather than the instances in which they are dissolved by the parent. The group may be owned by a holding company which may have no actual operations.

In Germany, where a sophisticated law of the “concern” has been developed, the law of corporate groups is a fundamental aspect of its corporate law. Many other European jurisdictions also have a similar approach, while Commonwealth countries and the United States adhere to a formalistic doctrine that refuses to “pierc

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