List of Bulk SMS Providers Kenya

List of Bulk SMS Providers Kenya. Bulk SMS is sending an SMS/MMS message to multiple end-users simultaneously. Bulk SMS is typically a ‘broadcast’ or “one-to-many” type of message and differs from a Group Message, which is considered “many-to-many.”

How is bulk SMS used in marketing?

Bulk SMS helps engage with all your customers quickly and more cost-effectively. And with 5 billion people globally sending and receiving SMS messages, it’s the easiest way to communicate info about your business to the masses. So whether it’s timely promotions, upcoming offers, or sending loyalty rewards, bulk SMS is a great asset to implement in your marketing strategy.

How Bandwidth is involved with bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS with Bandwidth’s Messaging API allows our customers to initiate large-scale outreach to their end users from a single source. This power allows important messages to be sent seamlessly and quickly from you to your group, connecting you to what matters most.

Bulk SMS Providers Kenya

There are far too many bulk SMS providers in Kenya, which makes settling on one with the best services daunting. However, there are some reputable companies which include:

Celcom Africa

Based in Nairobi, Celcom Africa is the first go-to choice businesses, politicians, associations, and NGOs for bulk SMS services. Its reliability is thanks to its investments in a robust SMS API gateway that guarantees 99.99% uptime, stellar security, and instantaneous delivery.

The company’s secure and reliable SMS gateway can process as many SMS per second. This means you can send thousands of text messages in less than a minute! This speed is further enhanced by Celcom Africa’s use of tier-one telecommunication networks. There are no delays in sending SMS, no technical issues, or complications.

Celcom Africa offers comprehensive plans with incredibly low pricing per SMS. Plus, the more SMS units you buy, the lower the price gets! On top of that, your brand or business can enjoy all-inclusive customer support, zero downtime, and is easy to use.

If you are looking for features like SMS branding — where your business’s name is used to deliver text messages, personalization, and the ability to send across networks, Celcom Africa has you covered.

Being a seasoned company in the sector, Celcom Africa helps you effectively reach your customers through affordable SMS marketing. Thanks to its exemplary software, every bit of customization, such as adding a sense of personal touch to every text message sent, is possible.

Moreover, you can use Celcom Africa’s reseller services Shortcodes or USSDs to generate traffic to your website, attract customers to your online store, woo voters, or increase product or service subscriptions. And with the support of an Excel Spreadsheet contact database, you can reach all your customers, fans, or voters with a click!

You can also schedule your messages or campaigns and effectively get notifications and delivery reports once done.

The company also offers SMS reseller services. This allows individuals or businesses to purchase SMS credits and offer bulk SMS services to their clients with complete control of pricing and other customizations.

There are many other advantages to using Celcom Africa as an Bulk SMS provider in Kenya. The platform is trustworthy and tested and is the best place to start if you are looking for the best bulk SMS provider that helps businesses enhance customer engagement and retention in Kenya and Africa at affordable rates.

Advanta Africa

Advanta Africa is an SMS service company based in Westlands, Nairobi. It provides interactive communication across Kenya and is among the top bulk SMS providers for businesses and organizations.

Advanta offers customized bulk SMS, shortcodes, and USSD services that can meet your business needs and scale up your overall business productivity.

In a strive to offer the best services to clients, Advanta’s bulk texts are highly affordable, allowing clients to send hundreds of thousands of messages to consumers, voters, and various other demographics.

The company offers an intuitive dashboard for sending bulk SMS from your desktop, mobile phone, or even integrated with other applications using its robust API.

The most significant advantages of Advanta bulk SMS include the high-capacity messaging service, flexible pricing, user-friendliness, and the capacity to use alphanumeric sender ID, i.e., send SMS from your brand name.

Africa’s Talking

Africa’s Talking is a bulk SMS provider with convenient and robust APIs for businesses. It provides many features, including bulk SMS, USSD, Voice, airtime, and payments.

Africa’s Talking can allow the sending of promotional messages, notifications, alerts, appointments, and internal communications, among others. Such SMS Marketing texts can be sent through tier-one network providers in Kenya.

Should you want automatic sending and receiving of information from consumers, Africa’s Talking allows you to open a 2-way communication channel for immediate feedback and response.

Additionally, the platform’s easy and reliable SMS APIs offer several ways for you to add text messaging to your mobile and web applications. Other services include API integration, message queuing, real-time analytics, and a user-friendly interface.

And with coverage in various countries, these features make them ideal for mobile engagements, particularly in the corporate world.


Oramobile offers bulk SMS in Kenya for businesses, organizations, politicians, associations, SACCOS, and more. With some of the best prices today, Oramobile’s service offering includes shortcode, ring back tones, and USSD with 24-hour support.

This bulk SMS provider is available in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kaka mega, and Nyeri. And being a 24-hour text message provider, Oramobile is a convenient solution for anyone looking to leverage the power of SMS technology to maintain valuable customer relationships.

 It has a highly interactive dashboard and is reliable with one of the best customer support systems. On top of the features above, the platform boasts a white label panel with API, multi-level reseller, sender ID branding, multiple SMS routes, and real-time monitoring.

Over the past few years, SMS Marketing has significantly grown, and Oramobile presents a fantastic opportunity for acquiring prospects and maintaining better relationships with current customers.


Robisearch is an ICT company offering bulk SMS through a product called ChapChap. This service can send text campaigns to a mass target audience.

It is a perfect marketing and communication tool for product launches, political announcements, and reminders, to name a few. Robisearch has affordable bulk SMS gateways with an API that can be integrated with other SMS software to save time while bulk texting clients.

With Robisearch’s bulk SMS API, you also get other advantages such as instant delivery of text messages, forwarding or tracking of your bulk SMS, and limitless potential with branded and personalized messages to clients.

The company’s key selling point is how its platform has become famous for myriads of communication purposes. And for any issues related to its service offering, Robisearch has a team of professionals ready to help you solve the problem and get value for your money. It also gives you 99.9% assurance of its processes.

While many of these companies are available today, the above are some of the most popular in the country. And in today’s economy, where everybody wakes up and checks their phone for new notifications, bulk SMS presents a brilliant tool for effective communication.

In a nutshell, text messages enjoy open rates of up to 98 per cent, which can only mean that all these messages are delivered and will reach and get acknowledged by the customer. Hence the need for bulk messaging services. Choosing the best provider can help you automate all communication processes, lower operational costs, and better understand your audience.


HostPinnacle is a world-class web hosting company that is miles above the rest and one that has continually set the standard for high-performance in the web hosting industry. As with any successful company, innovation is key and HostPinnacle has proved itself as a leader in this with numerous innovations to its name and a great contributor to the open source community. When it comes to customer support, we believe that this is not a privilege we give to our clients but a right they must always enjoy. Our support team is one of the best team you will ever find in the web hosting industry. Our services include: web hosting, VPS hosting, Servers and reseller web hosting services. Other services that we also engage in include: cloud computing services, web development services, cyber security services and an SMS gateway connected to 190+ countries.

Savvy Bulk SMS

Reliable bulk SMS services in Kenya for all your marketing needs. We are the best bulk SMS service provider in Kenya, specializing in bulk SMS services for schools, churches, NGOs, SACCOs, SMEs, corporates, and other organizations.
Increase your sales and customer happiness by utilizing dependable bulk SMS for Ksh0.3 per SMS. We are the SMS Messaging platform of choice for businesses that need SMS Messaging for important business services such advertising, promotional bulk SMS, transactional bulk SMS, USSD, long codes, and short codes. Send SMS in bulk to any location in Kenya with NO Expiry date, ZERO downtime and 100% UPTIME.

  • Address:Waiyaki Way
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0743747004
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Better Sms Ltd

1.Bulk SMS
2.Short codes
3. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
4. USSD Services from the most reliable Premium Rated Service Provider.

  • Address:International House, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0208054617
  •  Telephone Number 2: 0722134699
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:


Stratech SMS is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services from your internet enabled computer. The Stratech SMS gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide.

  • Address:330 Msanduku Road Lavington Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Lavington
  •  Telephone Number: 0707 559080
  •  Telephone Number 2: 0721351269
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:


Products and services

1. Bulk SMS, USSD
2. Short Code
3. Mpesa Automation
4. Corporate SMS Systems
5.Religious SMS Solution
6. Email Marketing Systems
7. SDP and SMPP SMS System
8. SMS and Email based Customers Service System.

  • Address:Azure towers, Lantana Road, Westlands ,Azure towers
  •  City/Town: Westlands
  •  Telephone Number: 0748 321607
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

MTrack Solutions Ltd

MTrack Solutions Limited is a leading SMS, voice, API, USSD and payment solutions across Africa. We are mobile value added service provider that seeks to bridge the gap between SMEs and their customers through.

  • Address:No 10 Ojijo Road, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0723030030
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

MSpace Solutions Ltd

Our Mission is to offer innovative, cutting edge, value adding mobile solutions, offering superior products and outstanding services through the use of modern, reliable and cost effective ICT technologies.

  • Address:Elysee(Ntashart) Plaza Building, Kilimani Road-Off Ngong Road 2nd Floor Suite 4A
  •  City/Town: Kilimani
  •  Telephone Number: 0722962934
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

Robisearch Ltd

  •  Address:Nairobi Ngara at Shuraj building(4th floor) opposite Jamhuri secondary, Nairobi
  •  City/Town: Nairobi
  •  Telephone Number: 0780655987
  •  Telephone Number 2: 0716413386
  •  Email Address:
  •  Website:

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