List of Kenya Colleges Paybill Numbers

Here are some Paybill Numbers for select colleges both public and private. List of Kenya Colleges Paybill Numbers

African Institute Of Health Abd Development Paybill Number:411 109
Alfurqan Training Institute Paybill Number:848 800
Alphax College Paybill Number:902 400
Ammarcom Institute Via ABC Paybill Number:111 756
Angelic Teachers College Paybill Number:303 350
Baraka Joy Ecde Teachers College Paybill Number:846 050
Bukura Agric College Paybill Number:352 550
Bushiangala Technical Training Institute Paybill Number:895 650
Cambridge Universal College Paybill Number Paybill Number:860 750
Cba Ymca National Training Institute Paybill Number :800 996
CBA-Jodan College Of Technology Paybill Number:880 115
Children Of God Relief Institute Paybill Number:961 800
Christian Industrial Training College Paybill Number:663 560
CITC College Fees- Kcb Paybill Number:123 666
CITC College Fees-Coop Paybill Number:123 444
CITC College Fees-Nic Paybill Number:123 222
Digital Age Institute Ltd. Paybill Number:543 210
Dzarino Community Based Training Organization Paybill Number:811 200
East Africa Institute Of Certified Studies Paybill Number:593 139
Eldoret Technical Training Institute Paybill Number:858 300
Experts Business College Paybill Number:465 136
Foundation Institute Of Professionals Ltd Paybill Number:411 982
Haggai Institute Alumni Association Paybill Number:800 400
Institute Of Advanced Technology Ltd Paybill Number:972 101
Institute Of Quantity Surveyors Of Kenya Paybill Number:933 450
Institute Of Surgical Medics Paybill Number:259 075
Keiway Mining & Technology College Paybill Number:890 250
Kenya Education Management Institute Paybill Number:971 900
Kenya Industrial Property Institute Paybill Number:924 850
Kenya Institute Of Development & Professional Studies Paybill Number:706 023
Kenya Institute Of Management Paybill Number:896 600
Kenya Institute Of Social Work Paybill Number:902 600
Kenya Medical Training College Paybill Number:964 150
Kife School Of Business Studies Paybill Number:959 900
Kiirua Techinical Training Paybill Number:139 971
Kips college Paybill Number:822 930
Kitui Institute Of Development Studies Paybill Number:112 198
Ludepe Teachers Training College Paybill Number:858 950
Machakos Institute Of Technology Paybill Number:906 650
Marist University College Via Nic Paybill Number:488 513
Masai Technical Training Institute Paybill Number:419 143
Mombasa College Of Professional Studies Paybill Number:411 110
Mountain Top Institute Ltd Paybill Number :925 800
Muranga Institute Paybill Number:806 400
Mutomo Institute Of Accountancy Paybill Number:120 339
Mwana Mwende Training Centre Paybill Number:510 400
Nairobi Institute Of Technology Paybill Number:900 175
Nakuru Teachers Training College Paybill Number:911 910
Nation Wide Hotel & Tourism College Paybill Number:838 450
National Industrial Training Authority Paybill Number:978 650
Othaya Teachers College1 Paybill Number:415 966
Outspan Medical College Paybill Number:288 924
Pentecostal Bible College Paybill Number:138 936
Personal Development Institute Paybill Number:920 901
Pioneer International College Paybill Number:650 820
Primetec College Paybill Number:840 150
Racefield Ecde Training College Paybill Number:197 577
Railway Training Institute Via KCB Paybill Number:522 784
Research Triangle Institute Paybill Number:929 410
RGC Computer College Paybill Number:521 202
Ruiru Institute Of Business Studies Ltd Paybill Number:139 943
Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute Paybill Number:411 107
Sacred Training Institute Paybill Number:968 250
Sipet College Paybill Paybill Number:820 160
Star College Of Management Studies Paybill Number:970 710
Sunrise Teachers Training College Paybill Number:411 108
The Children Of God Relief Institute Paybill Number:961 801
Zetech College2 Limited Paybill Number:529 101

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