Afya Sacco Paybill Number 570 200

Afya Sacco has made it easy for members to make deposits into their accounts and repay loans easily through mobile banking. Afya Sacco Paybill Number 570 200

Here is how to use Afya Sacco Paybill Number 570 200

  •         Go to Mpesa Menu
  •         Select Pay Bill from your M-PESA menu
  •         Enter Afya Sacco Paybill Number 570 200 
  •         Enter the Fosa account number
  •         Enter the amount you wish to pay
  •         Enter your M-PESA PIN
  •         Confirm details are correct and press OK
  •      You will receive confirmation message from Safaricom

Afya Sacco M-Sacco Services *346#

Afya Sacco M-Sacco services is available to Safaricom registered users and enables the members to do the following transactions

  •         Withdraw money from Sacco account to M-Pesa
  •         Balance inquiry of Sacco account
  •         Loan repayment from M-Pesa
  •         Account mini statement inquiry
  •         Apply for FOSA instant loan
  •         Change M-Sacco Pin number
  •         Transfer money from one account to another in the Sacco

This service is available to those who apply for registration and present the application form to the branch where they operate an account. A copy of the national identity card is mandatory.

Afya Sacco FOSA products.

1. Savings Account.

2. Bankers Cheques.

3. Standing Order.

4. Third Party Clearance of Cheques.

5. Short Term Advance.

6. Encashment of Loan Cheques.

7. Networking of FOSA Branches.

8. Salary Processing.

9. Fixed Deposit Accounts.

10. Safe Custody of Assets/Valuables.

11. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

12. Funds for Loan Clearance by Cash.

13. School Fees Savings Account.

14. Spouse and Children Account.

15. University/KMTC Student Account.

16. V.I.P Counter

17. Commercial Loans.


20. Safety of Members deposits.

21. FOSA Commercial / Personal Loan Product.

Afya Sacco Savings Products

Building a savings culture. Customers are encouraged to save by opening individual and group account.

1. Group Savings Account. This is an account opened by members of a group

2. Personal Savings Account

3.  Amsha Savings Account. Specifically targeting medical practitioners and firms.

4 . Ukulima/Biashara – Savings Account. This is an agricultural Savings and loan facility designed to finance business, farming needs and

5 . Sharia Compliant account. This is a non interest bearing account.

6 . School Fees/Education Account

Afya Sacco Loan Products

Methods of credit delivery have been divided into two broad categories of individual and group approaches. Individual loans will be given to individuals based on their ability and security provision.

Group-based loans will either be to individuals who are members of a group and guarantee each other’s loans.

Some of the microcredit loan products will include:

1. Amsha-Huduma Loan

Amsha-huduma is a bouquet specifically designed for health institutions and individuals setting up their health practice, Educational training Institute, Dental College, Medical Equipment Dealer, and Pharmacies

Product Offering:

Loans offered under this category are:

Asset / Medical Equipment Finance: For the purchase of medical equipment including CT Scanners, Colour Dopplers, Sonography Machines, MRI Machines, X-Ray Machines and other medical equipment.

Motor vehicle: For Acquisition of Doctors personal car, ambulance, stock car, business car.

Infrastructure Loan: For the construction of premises to set up of Clinics, Diagnostic Centres or Hospitals.

Working Capital Finance: We provide working capital facilities by way of Cash Credits and short/long term loans to fund day-to-day operations.

Product Features:

a)            Open Amsha – Afya Savings Account.

b)            Payable weekly at interest of 0.5% or 2.0% monthly

c)            Customer to meet 20% of the equipment / asset cost

d)            Equipment, member’s deposit, households and other business assets to act as loan security

e)            Have a minimum of 2 years in running a healthcare business

f)             Possess a valid Certificate of practice/ operation

g)            Have a good credit history

2. Business Loans

This product will target small and micro businesses. The product will be advanced to individuals with personal security like vehicle log books or individuals in groups who guarantee each other and have had compulsory savings or other securities.


a)            Loans from 100,000/= To 5,000,000/=

b)            Easy, flexible security requirements

c)            Clients must demonstrate ability to pay

d)            Loan processing within one week

3. Elimu Loan

Due to the increase in demand for education, there has been commensurate demand on Loans to finance higher education. Microcredit Elimu Loan shall assist employees who want to further their education and in consultation with their employers and education institutions, employees will be advanced loans

Product Features:

a)      Loan will be paid directly through their college fees accounts

b)      Repayments will be done through salary check-off.

4. Group Business Loan

Business loans given to members in a group.

Features and requirements of Group loans:

a)            Group must be registered

b)            Membership of between 5 to 25 members

c)            Loans from as low as 5,000/= to 5,000,000/=

d)            Savings as low as 500/=

e)            Monthly repayments

f)             The initial loan shall be at 2 times the amount of individual’s savings.

g)            Loans below 50, 000/= processed within 48 hours

h)            Flexible repayment period

i)             Loans Appraisal fees of 2.5% shall be charged

j)             Risk Management fee of 2.5% shall be charged.

k)            Loans to be guaranteed by all the group members.

l)             All legal Fees/Costs shall be borne by the applicant.

5 .  Asset financing loan – EQUIPMENT/ASSET LOAN

A loan product for Individuals investing in AMCA who plan to purchase chargeable property

a)            The initial loan shall be at a Minimum amount kshs 100,000/=

b)            Flexible repayment period.

c)            Flexible security on loan.

d)            Initial loan will be granted after regular savings of 4 months

e)            Loan appraisal fee of 2.5% shall be charged

f)             Risk Management fee of 2.5% shall be charged

g)            Microcredit shall finance 80% of the property value.

h)            All legal fees, valuation fees and other transaction charges shall be borne by the applicant

6 . Household loan

a)            The initial loan shall be 2 times the amount of individual’s savings.

b)            These loans are accessible to employed persons who are our members.

c)            These are loans to purchase household items such as water tanks, furniture etc.

d)            The initial Loan amount shall be negotiated in relation to savings held.

e)            Repayment period shall be 12-24 months.

f)             Security shall be client’s savings, guarantors and household items.

g)            Minimum savings period shall be 2 months for both group members and individual account holders before accessing initial loans.

h)            All legal fees shall be borne by the applicant

i)             Loan appraisal fee of 2.5% shall be charged

j)             Risk Management fee of 2.5% shall be charged

k)            All legal fees, valuation fees and other transaction charges shall be borne by the applicant.

Afya Sacco Branches

a. Nairobi Central Business District at Afya Centre.

b. Nairobi at Kenyatta National Hospital

c. Mombasa at Coast General Hospital.

d. Kisumu at New Nyanza General Hospital.

e. Nakuru at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital.

f. Nyeri at Central Provincial General Hospital.

g. Meru at MeruDistrict Hospital.

h. Eldoret at Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital.

i. Kakamega at Western Provincial General Hospital

j. Kisii at Kisii General Hospital

Afya Sacco Contacts

Head Office

Afya Sacco Society

P.O. Box 11607 – 0400

Tel +254 2223970



Afya Centre Building – 5th Floor

Tel: +254 20 2223959, 61 and 70

Direct line 020-238 68 02



Afya Centre Building – 5th Floor

Tel: +254 20 2223959, 61 and 70

Fax 2212941



Afya Centre Building – Mezzanine 1

Tel: +254 20 310144

Fax: 310144



Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital

Tel: +254 051-2216902/2217013



Central Provincial General Hospital

Tel: +254 061-2032477



Meru District Hospital

Tel: +254 064 320407



Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Tel: +254 053 2031221/ 0132816



Coast Provincial General Hospital

Tel: +254 041 2312241/2225749



New Nyanza Provincial General Hospital

Tel: +254 057-2020712/2024760



Kisii at Kisii General Hospital

Tel: +254 058-31781/2



Tel: 056-30853/4

Kakamega at Western Provincial General Hospital



Kenyatta at Kenyatta National Hospital

Tel: 2738461 /2732867



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