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List of Best Oil Change Companies in Trenton NJ

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List of Best Oil Change Companies in Trenton NJ. An Oil Change is the act of removing the used oil in your engine and replacing it with new, clean oil. Over time, oil breaks down and gets dirty. These factors make oil much less slippery and less effective at their job of lubricating engine parts. That’s why it’s important to change your oil according your car’s specifications.

How to change your engine oil

Topping up engine oil is as easy as topping up screenwash. An engine oil change takes a bit more time but is still very much a DIY-friendly job. It’s best to do this when the oil is warm (but not hot) because it’s runnier, and therefore easier and faster to drain.  

1: Accessing the oil drain plug 

Changing engine oil requires getting under the car in order to access the oil pan and sometimes the oil filter. Thus, jack stands or a ramp are likely to be needed, just some way to have the car securely raised. Don’t work under a car only being held up by a car jack. They’re fine for changing a tyre but not for working under a car.   

The oil pan and oil filter will likely be protected by an undertray, so grab your toolkit or socket set and unfasten the screws, bolts, or whatever it is holding the undertray in place to remove it. Check for leaks or cracks before moving on. If there are cracks and leaks, get your car examined by a mechanic. 

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Note: If using ramps, take the car off them after removing the undertray because you’ll need the car to be on a flat surface when changing the oil. If using jack stands, make sure the car is raised level. 

2: Draining the oil 

With the undertray removed you’ll be able to see the oil drain plug (also called sump plug) and maybe the cylindrical oil filter housing. Some models have the oil filter located by the oil pan underneath the car, but some have a top-mounted one, accessible by opening the bonnet. While the process for changing these types of filters is different, the process for draining the oil is the same. 

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Here is a List of Best Oil Change Companies in Trenton NJ

Jiffy Lube
(609) 695-6050
Trenton, NJ

Jiffy Lube
(609) 530-0055
Trenton, NJ

Dynacycle Oil
(732) 605-9003
Jamesburg, NJ

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